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Wanted: Garlic Scapes

Anyone seen any scapes at farmers markets around Phila? Which one? Thanks!

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  1. in Philadelphia?

    if so, Iovine's at RTM has them (at least they did when I was there on Saturday). Also many of the Asian grocers in Chinatown usually have them.

    1. I saw them last week at the H-Mart on Cheltenham Avenue, though they don't always have them..

      1. Picked some up today at the H Mart on Cheltenham Avenue, as Hungryin theBurbs mentioned.

        1. i'm willing to bet weavers way co-op in mt airy has them, though i haven't been in a while.

          1. I think I got some at the Sunday Headhouse Market, at the Asian farmer's stand. (Now I forget the name of his farm.) But I'm not sure, because I'm not sure what scapes are. If they're long green things that look like scallions, but taste like garlic, then, yes, he had them a few weeks ago. Not sure if he still has them or not.

            1. I got some today at the Headhouse Square Farmer's Market.

              1. Sorry, I was confusing garlic scapes with something else, maybe garlic chives. At the Headhouse Market today, I saw garlic chives at the Asian farmer's (Queen Farm), but garlic scapes at Weaver's Way stand and at Yoder's Heirlooms.

                Now if someone would just tell me what you do with garlic scapes.

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                    chop them fine and saute a minute, mix in eggs and a cheese and you have an awesoem fritatta. chop smaller than you would scallions and use in stir fry, miso soup, or as a base for any veggie side dish that can use an onion/garlicy kick. i love them things.....

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                      OMG! I harvested scapes from my garlic plants this weekend. I sauteed them in olive oil and ate them whole. I've never had scapes before and they were one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten -- like very, very mild, soft onions!

                1. Thanks for the tips! I'm going to get some.

                  1. I saw them at pete's produce today. It is always worth the trip to Pete's

                    1. There were some this morning at the Phoenixville farmer's market.

                      1. I bought a bunch at the Kennett Farmers Market this past Friday.