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Jun 4, 2009 07:09 AM

There's a moldy Grape Tomato/Strawberry in the middle of my pint!!!

It never fails, I scour the outside of the containers at the market and everything appears to be fresh and firm....Then I'm preparing a meal and there is almost ALWAYS at least one shriveled, molding, festering, and repulsive grape tomato or strawberry.....It's neighbors in the container appear to be healthy and edible, but I tend to discard them as well...often I'm tempted to dispose of the entire container.......How do you handle this matter????

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  1. I toss the bad guy and rinse the good guys and move on. I think it's harmless.

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      1. re: Veggo

        2nd that, haven't died yet.

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          Same me. I only discard the one offender. The neighbors always taste fine and I've never gotten sick. It's inevitable.

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            Same here as well. It's happened to a grape or two amongst a bunch more than once. Same goes: remove, rinse, enjoy.

          2. It is a PITA when you spend time picking what you thought was the perfect carton. I probably go overboard but I throw away the moldy one and those touching it (unless I plan to eat them right then). All the others I closely inspect and discard any with signs of mold.

            1. I either
              a - Discard the rotten offender and move on, knowing that if this is the worst thing that happens to me today life isn't really that bad.
              b - Goto the gas station, get a gallon of gas an proceed to burn down the store where I bought the rotten produce. Then when I stand over the managers disfigured body I scream "Why do you hate my freedom to have fresh produce!!"

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              1. re: MattInNJ

                Yo, Matt, ease up on the morning caffeine.

                    1. re: MattInNJ

                      i was a juror in a similar case in NJ and we sent the guy away for 10 years.

                    2. Get rid of the icky one/s as quickly as possible before they contaminate the whole punnet, rinse and use their neighbours the same day... and count it as the luck of the draw. I bought a punnet of beautiful-looking strawberries at Publix on the weekend - came to use it the next night and the whole punnet had magically turned into a mould farm while my back was turned! I had to throw the whole lot out because they were almost all contaminated :(

                      1. I agree with all...get rid of the bad one and rinse and enjoy the rest.

                        I didn't mean to be redundant with a "me too" post...but just wanted to say that I enjoyed learning a new word here today: Punnet.
                        I like it.
                        Great name for my next cat.

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                        1. re: The Professor

                          Punnet to me was always a UK word - and the dictionary agrees...


                          What's the US equivalent? It is not a clamshell as a punnet tends to be either a plastic lace-work container or a recycled cardboard thing, both being open at the top. The sort of thing you see at farmer's markets and not often in US supermarkets because they cannot be stacked. (That reason is just my guess.)

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                            AFAIK, we would call it a pint or quart box depending on the size.