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Jun 4, 2009 07:02 AM

MSP - D'Amico Cucina closing

From Zimmern's blog...

After 22 years, D'Amico Cucina is shutting its doors serving its final meal on June 27th. This is very sad news—but not unexpected. Rumors persist that the Fratelli D'Amico are still bullish on the local food scene and might be opening a new restaurant before summer's end.

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  1. I am trying to get in for the last night. One more Lobster gnocchi please!

    1. no. way. wow talk about the end of an era for msp dining. . .

      1. I understand that they will be serving different menus until they close. I know I will have to have their egg yolk raviolo one last time. It's a ricotta filled raviolo (large ravioli)) with a delicious egg yolk that oozes out as you break into it. It is served with a brown butter and truffle sauce. Decadent and delicious.The lobster gnocci is wonderful too.

        1. Per Zimmern's blog (and various other sources), D'Amico is taking over the Chambers space and Jean Georges is leaving town.

          Interesting...I always had good meals at Chambers, but none that I considered as good as what JG was supposed to produce. Still, it's sad to see a culinary star leave MSP (not that he ever spent more than a few days here).

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          1. re: BigE

            Any idea on when it's going to be closing?

            I have about 3 gift cards and I want to make sure I use all of them before they close :)

            1. re: rjayasuriya

              I mentioned this in the gift card thread, but I called the Chambers, and it won't be switching over until "after July 20th". Also, there won't be any downtime, so the branding may stay the same, which would make it pretty tough to deny gift certificate redemption.

              1. re: kevin47

                i doubt the branding will stay the same, but i would also seriously doubt that they would risk the ill will that not honoring the gift cards could provoke.

                when you called them to ask about the switch did you not ask them if they had any clue about whether they would honor the cards afterwards? possibly a question best sent through the d'amico website. i used to work for them back in the day and they place a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction.

                1. re: tex.s.toast

                  I googled d'amico and it returned few of their web sites. Unfortunately none of them had a contact us link (at least I didn't see it). Do you have any tips on where I can find a contact e-mail for them? Thanks in advance.

                  1. re: rjayasuriya

                    id try this form here, even though its not exactly what you wanted:

                    there doesnt appear to be any contact info outside of job applications on the main damico holding company site - so that would probably be a good bet, or try stopping into one of their properties and asking a manager who you should talk to. id be that would get you someone importants email address at the least.

                    1. re: tex.s.toast

                      Thanks for link.

                      I e-mailed the general manager at Chambers asking about this and will go there for dinner tonight (need to start using my gift certificates :) - I will report back what I find.

                      1. re: rjayasuriya

                        Here is the reply I got from the general manager at Chamber's;

                        "Chambers Kitchen will be open until July 20, 2009 and I would encourage you use your gift cards prior to then. Otherwise, we could apply the value of your gift cards to services from the Chambers Hotel. The restaurant will be managed by D’Amico after that point."

                        I think it would be safe to assume that they will not honor Chamber's Kitchen gift cards after 07/20.

                        1. re: rjayasuriya

                          id still work on asking someone at d'amico. theres some self-service in chamber's encouraging you to use it before the changeover and i could see them not really caring about how interested/happy you are with the new concept (that they have no stake in)

                          1. re: tex.s.toast

                            Actually, if you have a gift card, wouldn't they be better served pawning you off on the new restaurant?

                            1. re: kevin47

                              Had dinner at Chamber's Kitchen last night and it was great. I had the Rib Eye with Korean BBQ sauce - it was one of the best steaks I've had in a while. I think we'll use up the rest of the gift cards next week.

                  2. re: tex.s.toast

                    I called the hotel and I figured they wouldn't know. At most, the restaurant would change to (xxx) at the Chambers Hotel. Why not stick with the Chamber's Kitchen? We'll see.

                    1. re: kevin47

                      I was at the DAmico the last night. They had a great menu with the favorites of each chef that had worked there - (Flicker, JP, Seth Bixby ect). I will miss the Lobster gnochi and all the great memories there.