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Jun 4, 2009 06:15 AM

Need help narrowing down steak house for birthday dinner

I know there have been several posts comparing all of the steakhouses in CHicago but I have narrowed down my choices to the following four and need you chow hounds to help me choose the one for my husband's birthday:

1. David Burkes Primehouse
2. Mortons (the original on State street)
3. Gibson's
4. Custom House ( I know it is the least true steak house on the list)

I considered Gene and Georgetti's as well but decided against it after reading several reviews.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Need more info to help. If you have read all the other threads on the "best steak" and "best steakhouse" then you have a pretty good idea of what they are like. But we have no idea what your husband likes. Big, loud, noisy, and trendy? Gibsons. A chain restaurant that you can find in most major cities with consistently good product? Mortons. Something different than your run of the mill steakhouse? Primehouse or Custom House.

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      Well, we moved from NY and his favorite steakhouse there was Peter Lugars so based on that it would be old school and straightforward. But when we were there we also enjoyed places like the Strip House, Landmarc and Dylan Prime. That is why I thought David Burkes Primehouse and Custom House could be good choices. And the only reason for Mortons (we have never been to one) was its claim to being the original. I am not sure if that helps but we are looking for something that not only focuses on the meat, but also has creative sides and a great atmosphere.

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        Custom house has good decor, and the food is quite good. It's like the Capital Grille in that it has not the best steaks, but still really good steaks combined with other great menu choices that a pure steakhouse probably doesn't have. Morton's is pretty bare bones but has good steaks. I haven't been, but I understand that Gibson's is outstanding, and has that oldschool steakhouse feel. It's also supposed to be quite a scene, if you're looking for a place to people watch.

        1. re: yummymama

          In terms of quality, Morton's and Gibson's will be very similar - quality wet aged beef. After that, Gibson's is more about the scene, Morton's is more old school. Custom House aims to be more creative and offers many different types of meat. David Burke's Primehouse is a bit more modern and offers the very best dry aged beef you will find in Chicago.