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Jun 4, 2009 03:09 AM

restaurant hopping in spain

in early august, im having dinner at el bulli (in Roses) and then 2 nights later i also have a booking at el poblet in Denia. On the night in between, i intend to stay in valencia. Im looking for a couple of things....

1)The best area to stay in Valencia, and a good hotel

2) a great place to eat dinner in Valencia, happy to spend money but realistically i think in between the 2 richer meals we'd probably go for some light tapas style food...decor not important MUST HAVE AMAZING FOOD

3) Im not really sure of the distances and travelling times...whats the best and cost effective way of transport between Roses and Valencia? If public transport isn't too hard, i d rather do it that way so i can avoid driving.

Appreciate any help, thanks,

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