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Jun 4, 2009 01:26 AM

One night in Paris...where to eat?

I'm ending a 3-week European vacation tomorrow with one last night in Paris. My girlfriend and I spent the first 5 days of our trip in Paris and sampled a lot of great brasseries, boulangeries, and patisseries (one of my favs being Le Brebant). Now I want to end my trip with something especially scrumptious to really cap a wonderful time. Any ideas for a not-to-miss restaurant? I was originally thinking about L'Atelier du Robuchon but heard some fairly unimpressive reviews.

I'm willing to spend a lot if it's worth it, but my sole restriction is that it needs to be a place where casual/smart casual is okay. I have nice pants and a nice shirt but no fancy shoes or jackets with me.

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  1. Go to le Cinq -- they'll have a jacket for you. La Grande Cascade is also an option. L'Arpège you can go in T-shirts (not sneakers).

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      I have heard good things recently about Le Cinq and echo Souphie's l'Arpege recommendation - it is probably the less demanding of Paris' 3*s in regards to dresscode.

      I was especially disappointed by Robuchon last January.

      1. re: food.snob

        Thanks both for the great recommendations! I wish I could have ate at them all :)

        The price at l'Arpege was 360eur for the tasting, which I was tempted to do but when I realized I'd be alone (girlfriend is visiting her parents while I head back stateside) I balked. I felt it wouldn't be as good if I couldn't share it!

        I tried very hard to pry a seat at Chez L'Ami Jean, but alas I was too hungry to wait around and figured I'd try it next time. It'll give me good reason to come back.

        In the end it was a delightful meal at la Régalade. Far from perfect, but wholly enjoyable. I had a cold tomato soup with goat cheese, pigeon w/ foie gras, and the grand marnier souffle. And a fair amount of terrine and cornichons. And they gave me a complimentary plate of cheese and salad w/ herbs when one of the servers accidentally took my plate away while I went outside for a sec.

        Overall, great experience. And by the way, FoodSnob, awesome blog!