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Best fried chicken in Brooklyn?

I have no idea where to find it in Brooklyn. So, ladies and gentlemen- any standouts and/or secrets?

I'm longing for some delicious fried chicken- please don't make me go to the execrable Popeye's on Court street.

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  1. I can't find good fried chicken in Brooklyn either, so I decided to try my hand at it and after many attempts, got it just right:
    Soak the chicken parts in a bowl of buttermilk (covered) in the fridge overnight.
    Then shake in a bag containing 1 part cornmeal to 2 parts flour. You can season the flour mixture with salt and a little cayenne pepper if you wish. Fry away. Delish!!!

    1. Yes, there is good fried chicken in Bklyn. If you're willing to spend, then Henry's End and Blue Ribbon make very good versions. Henry's End is a somewhat peculiar version since they use cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and other spices in the mix; however, they're not overwhelming and the product is incredibly crisp, high quality and tasty as can be. For less $, Buttermilk Channel has a buttermilk coated version that's good. I hear that there are a couple of Williamsburg and Bed-Stuy places that have hit the mark as well but I've never been.

      1. Sidecar, on 5th Ave at 16th St. in south Park Slope, has shockingly good fried chicken for a cocktail bar. I don't know how it stacks up to Blue Ribbon's, which everyone seems to love but I've never tried; but it's juicy as all get out, the kale on the side is delicious, and their drinks are fabulous.

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          I second the rec on Sidecar. It is top-notch fried chicken and worth a try if you're around the South Slope.

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            Went here a few nights ago and tried the chicken. Very fresh, plump and juicy chicken but way too much breading. Also, the breading itself is kind of bland, though it certainly is crisp, which is pleasing, combined with the juicynesss of the chicken. Bottom line? Tasty, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. The Gimlets were, however, outstanding!

          2. Funny a lot of posters (and I’m not one of them) on The Manhattan Board really like Popeye’s.

            1. Thanks to a mention in the Best Eats issue of the Village Voice, I had some amazing fried chicken at Mitchell's Soul Food Restaurant on Vanderbilt (near Bergen). The skin was crispy with a slightly spicy, peppery batter. The meat was juicy and tender. The restaurant lacks physical ambiance but there were lots of friendly neighborhood folks popping in for take-out. I've been thinking about the fried chicken ever since.

              1. I love the fried chicken at Buff Pattys in ft greene on myrtle. they do fried pieces of chicken with a bbq sauce on it. soooo good. I don't know if it's the BEST or even traditional fried chicken, but I do know I love it.

                1. Saratoga Country Kitchen on Saratoga and Atlantic Ave. or Fish & Wings (if they're still open) on Atlantic Ave. bet Warwick and Ashland. I will have to re-try Mitchell's. The last few times, and it's been over a year, I found their chicken to be dry and plain tasting.

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                    I second Mitchells. Didnt find it plain at all. But also love the Soul Spot, on Atlantic off of Smith. Despite the yuppie location, it's the real deal.

                    Saratoga Country Kitchen sounds very intriguing.

                  2. Picket Fence on Cortelyou Road in Ditmas has decent fried chicken. It surpassed my expectations when I tried it for the first time last month. It was well brined (surprisingly, the breast pieces had more flavor than the dark meat), juicy, and had a nicely seasoned crust. My only complaint was that the dark meat pieces could have been cooked a little bit longer--the meat was just on the cusp of past-pink. Admittedly, my table did bombard them with close to 6 orders of the fried chicken at once.

                    I thought the fried chicken at Picket Fence was, hands-down, tastier and better executed than Redhead's (in the East Village). I'm not sure why everyone raves about Redhead's chicken. I thought it was tasteless and uninspiring...not to mention incredibly oily.

                    1. Dittos on the HENRY'S END suggestion.

                      Their Fried Chicken is amazing. Utterly crisp and greaseless. I love the spicing of the crust.

                      For large quantities of fried Chicken, don't so dismissive .We love POPEYES.

                      The chicken used is very good quality, and very fresh. The chicken is crisp and delicious, and not too salty.

                      I lay it out on a baking sheet at 350 degrees for 1/2 hour, and it gets even better and crisp enough to serve or cold.

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                        I don't think people are getting it- I like Popeye's, JUST NOT THE ONE ON COURT STREET (it's terrible). That's why I was hoping for a replacement.

                        BTW, I've had Henry's End and wasn't impressed. It looked good but I didn't like the taste.

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                          I like the Popeye's on Empire & Flatbush, and the one across the street from Nathan's in Coney Island.

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                          yes for henry's end. i've been trying to recreate the crispiness at home for months now since my gf took me there for my birthday. to no avail of course.

                        3. Buttermilk Channel's Fried Chicken is pretty great. The WAFFLES that come with it are AMAZING. Also love Blue Ribbon. Both places are pricey.

                          I have to ask the person who said Popeye's uses "high quality" chicken what drug they're taking. 95% of ALL restaurants are not using high quality chicken - they're caged, pumped up, factory farmed, etc. Chain chicken restaurants, simply because of the sheer quantity they need, cannot, by definition, be using "high quality" chicken.

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                            The fried chicken at Egg (in Williamsburg) always does the trick for me, although I'm currently saving my buttermilk-battered calorie allotment for the long-rumored, forever-delayed, possibly-on-the-horizon Pies & Thighs relaunch.

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                              What about Ruthies on Dekalb Ave., I was there tonight. I thought the fried chicken was excellent. It was very juicy, crispy and not greasy at all. The sides were pretty darn good too, candied sweet potatos and mac and cheese, the bf had the seasoned rice which was very tasty. I had the half tea half lemonade, good, I didn't find it overly sweet and the staff was great, and Ruthie is a sweetie.

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                                I strongly second the rec for Ruthie's fried chicken. Not battered, but perfectly crispy. I find her yams too sweet, though.

                          2. Walter Foods does a respectable version.

                            Second for Buttermilk Channel.

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                              FYI for anyone going to Buttermilk Channel: Sign says they are closed for vacation from today until the 12th (I think).

                            2. Mitchell's.....we brought it in the other night and I grabbed a breast my mistake (I'm a 'dark girl') and it was as tender and juicy as I would expect a thigh to be. Nice spice, crispy, oh my....

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                                Buttermilk Channel has my vote.

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                                  I just had the fried chicken at Egg and Walter Foods.

                                  The chicken at Egg was good, crispy coating, juicy meat, but I did find it a little salty.

                                  The chicken at Walter Foods, killed it, the coating was so much better, crunchy and perfectly done on the inside.

                                  Funny while I was eating at the bar, a woman next to me had the fried chicken as well. We got into a conversation about the chicken, she said she was just at Buttermilk channel and thought the chicken at Walter Foods was better too.

                                  I just moved to Greenpoint so I will be sampling as many as possible...

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                                    The new chef at Relish changed the chicken on the menu to a fried chicken. It was nothing special IMO.

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                                  Mitchell's came in at #4 on the Voice best fried chicken list...if you care about such lists. I do like the fried chicken there very much...And it's just a block away