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Jun 3, 2009 08:42 PM

San Diego- Catamaran Resort

We'll be driving down from the SF Bay Area in a couple of weeks to stay in San Diego around the Father's Day weekend. I've never been, so names of different neighborhoods don't mean much to me as I read old threads. Can you help? We'll be staying at the Catamaran- Mission Bay area, I guess? What's walkable? I'll have a toddler (an adventurous-eater/ Chowpuppy) in tow. Also any recs for a large-ish group (15 people)? TIA!

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  1. I would do JRDN at Tower 23 hotel in PB which is oceanfront and totally walkable for this place.
    Lamont Street Grill is another cool place that is in PB..dinner
    Breakfast/Brunch..Green Flash, Surfer Hotel..Kono's..
    Taco Surf, Los Panchos or Cafe Athena for lunch spots for take-away or eat in..
    Have fun!

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    1. re: Beach Chick

      Beach Chick, don't you find the service laughable at JRDN at Tower 23?

      I one time ordered some drink there, "Grey goose and soda, jack and coke and gin and tonic" and the bartender said, I kid you not: "Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, slow down!"

      Keep in mind I have shot out over 9 million drink orders in my life and I kind of have mastered the pace and cadence they need to be delivered at.

      If anything, a bartender tells you to do a drink order quicker.

      The food has always been ok, but the service is completely horrible and inept.

      I would say this has something to do with PB but I won't for fear of attackers that seem to think PB is an intellectual, artistic and cultural hub.

      San Diego's answer to Paris in the 20's.

      1. re: stevewag23

        I was going on the location of JRDN..not that the bartender couldn't comprehend a 3 drink order..
        I don't tolerate lame ass, if it's getting to that point, then I call for a mgr.

        For a tourist staying at the Catamaran, I think its a good call..

        1. re: Beach Chick

          "For a tourist staying at the Catamaran, I think its a good call"


          1. re: stevewag23

            Hey! Who are you and why are you using Steve's screen name? Steve is that rude guy- you're some sort of imposter!

            : )

      2. re: Beach Chick

        is taco surf more of a take-out place or would it work for our large (15) group for a casual dinner the day we all arrive? They seem to want Mexican food.
        And do I have the right place-
        'cause I don't see a SD location?

        1. re: sweet ginger

          Definitely more of a take-out joint.

          If you "have" to have Mexican at a sit-down joint in PB (especially for out-of-towners), I'd actually recommend Gringo's. I'm anticipating the slams on the recco, but there really isn't anything close that fits what you're looking for (based on the previous posts).
          If it looks like it would fit the bill, I'd say try Isabel's Cantina - far from any traditional/"authentic" Mexican, it would definitely accommodate your large group (with reservations) and has a "Mexican" influence. It is within walking distance of the Catamaran (10min) or a 2min drive. I definitely prefer their breakfasts to the lunch or dinner menu. However, I am a big fan of their food - just not the wait-time on busy weekends... (
          )- Sorry for all the quotations, but Mexican and authentic might as well be targets/bulls eyes to SD 'hounds :P

          1. re: CampySD

            Thanks CampySD! I totally "get" your use of quotation marks. It usually figures that whenever you try to accommodate a large group on vacation, chow-worthiness sometimes isn't the highest priority in choosing a resto as it would be if it was just me & the hubby. Authenticity isn't of huge importance with my in-laws & for this meal- they've taken us to PF Changs & Maggiano's when we've visited them. I'll save the other recs for when I can sneak away and explore more on my own!

            1. re: CampySD

              I strongly 2nd the rec for Isabel's Cantina. We go to their sister restaurant in La Jolla, Mission Coffee Cup Cafe all the time for breakfast/brunch. Asian-Latino "fusion" style cooking.

        2. La Playa Taco Shop is basically next door to Catamaran on Mission Blvd. It's a solid choice for burritos and tacos, with friendly counter service and a few tables inside and on a covered patio.

          1. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Like I mentioned, I know so little about the SD area, and having links to some of your other posts helps put my search results into context. I'll probably pass on JRDN this trip- doesn't quite sound like the right scene for us (3-yr old in tow & husband's 4 older siblings with their families). And with such a big group, I expect we'll be making dining selections fairly randomly and spontaneously, so it helps to have some solid, casual options nearby- La Playa and Cafe Athena are likely to go over well for easy dining. Is there any place in our neighborhood that I should ABSOLUTELY avoid?
            PS Beach Chick- glad to see you like Taylor''s Ahi burger too- definitely one of my favorites with their sweet potato fries- and I'm glad to have Oxbow really nearby so I can get my fix without braving the hordes of tourists heading up-valley ;)

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            1. re: sweet ginger

              Nick's at the beach which is a couple of blocks away from your hotel..
              Lotsa Pasta and Pizzeria Numero Uno are decent places..
              Saska's in Mission Beach has great burger and steaks.
              Kono's for breakfast at the pier..
              Have fun sweet ginger and I am so craving an ahi burger from Taylors!

              1. re: Beach Chick

                Pizzeria Numero Uno converted to sports bar Millier's Field.

                1. re: foodiechick

                  thanks foodiechick!
                  Is Miller's Field any good?
                  We used to sit up at the rooftop and drink beer and eat pizza..ocean views with the beach cruisers..