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Jun 3, 2009 08:36 PM

science experiment in my green house?

I have just discovered a whole ecosystem in my mini green house (read: 4 shelves with plastic covering). there are tons of white fruit flies, spiders eating the fruit flies, some other kind of weird flying insect, I think babies of that insect and regular house flies (that is all I saw right now). it is kind of fascinating, kind of gross. do you think that they are hurting my plants in there? I have a few tomatoes, peppers, marigolds and begonias, they are all just waiting for me to plant them. they don't seem to be harmed? I just never expected that many bugs to accumulate at the top of the plastic.

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  1. Are you sure the white ones are fruit flies and not white flies? White flies can really decimate your plants; they suck the life right out.

    You've got natural control in the spiders, which is great, but it sounds like maybe the spiders can't keep up with all that's going on. If you think you need some added muscle power, you could put a yellow sticky trap in there. Works really well for catching flies. Unfortunately, they also work well for catching lady bugs, so I tend not to use them in the garden. In a closed environment like that, though, I'd go for it and wouldn't worry about the collateral damage.