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Jun 3, 2009 08:34 PM

Kabab Hut off Route 40 in Catonsville

This place just opened and, especially considering the area, is churning out some pretty darn good food. Word is starting to get around and we've seen quite a mix of customers. Sort of a kabob joint meets Indian restaurant, with a Bengali twist (it's run by Bangladeshis.)

Although the kabab platters are the most popular item, we've only sampled non-kababs items. So far, everything has been real fresh and above average. The chicken biryani in particular was interesting, with more sweet notes than we are used to in biryani. Fairly certain they use coconut in there. A tad bit greasy but we would order it again. Aloo (potato) Naan and Keema Naan (the keema is ground chicken, not ground beef) are good, too. Be sure to ask for raita and chutney -- or white sauce and green sauce, respectively, depending on who's working. Masala chai is solid. Mango lassi was actually lassi-ish (yogurt-based, sweet and salty, with a nice foamy top) and not the milkshake-ish type that is becoming the trend these days.

Two complaints, however. First, they are always running out of ingredients (chicken lollipops, lamb, etc) , but they just opened and hopefully can work out the kinks soon. Second, they don't do a good job of cleaning tables and floors during and after the lunch rush. We always start cleaning our own table and when they realize, they come over and finish the job. :-)

Their website is not yet up and running, but you can read basic information about them here, as well as view their menu:

Kabab Hut
6502 Baltimore National Pike, Catonsville, MD 21228

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  1. Tried some of the kabob platter items on the menu. Chicken Tikka Kabab and Beef Sheek Kabab were not good. Over spiced , although leftovers went well in a salad the next day. Furthermore, chicken was dried out and sheek kabab had food coloring added (just not used to that, I guess.) We thought the Beef Boti Kabab was good, though. Definitely different than the "regular" Afghan-style kabob place. Chicken Chili was mediocre, although it was fun to eat because of the insane heat level. :) Chicken Lollipop was good, but a tad bit salty probably because there was no accompanying sauce. Still interested in trying some of the more Bengali items on the menu.

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      Thanks for the heads up. I went there, and I thought the food was really good in comparison with any of our local offerings.

      Specifically, I've tried the chicken tikka kabab, chicken tandoori, and the chicken lollipop.

      The chicken tikka kabab was juicy, succulent but a little bit bland.
      The chicken tandoori was excellent aside from a little extra charring.
      Finally, the chicken lollipop was subpar-- overfried, too salty, and inappropriately seasoned for lollipop traditionalists.

      As an aside, the accompanied rice is very good however the naans taste a little too much like Bisquick.

      Service was polite, fast and friendly.

      I will return, and hope to try many more of their dishes.

      1. re: tandoori

        Thanks for sharing! After subsequent tastings, I agree the Lollipops aren't good. I think it was just the excitement of finally getting it after it wasn't available the first two trips. Really strange that your chicken tikka kabab was the exact opposite of ours. This is why I always beg my SO not to order mixed platters -- seasonings get cross-contaminated, half of the things come out underdone, half overdone, etc. Will try it again now that your report was favorable.

        With respect to the naan, quite a few people now make naan with baking powder instead of yeast to make it more palatable, which might be what you're detecting here. If I find out anything specific about Kabab Hut's naan, I'll report back.

        Next shopping center over, right next to Patel Bros, is Spicy Garden. Although I haven't tried it there, they also have lollipop on the menu. Additionally, they are the only fast foodish type place I know of in Baltimore with Hyderabadi-style biryani. If all our Hyderabadi aunties were out of town and I had a craving, it would do for me.

        1. re: bmorecupcake

          I tried this place last Friday for lunch. My feelings are mixed. I really, really wanted to like it. Problem number one....the time. I ordered my food (kebab hut platter and chicken samosas) to go and there was another couple waiting for their food as well. It took over 40 minutes to get my food. I really didn't want to spend that much time which was why I ordered it to go, had they told me it was going to be a lengthy process, I probably would have just eaten there. The only time I got any communication that my food was going to be ready was 30 minutes after I ordered when young lady came in to work and noticed that I'd been sitting for a while. She asked if I'd been waiting long and checked on the status of my order. I appreciated this since the gentleman who'd taken my order disappeared in the back for quite some time.

          When I finally got the food and got to the car, I opened my samosas and they were veggie, not chicken. And they weren't hot at all. I would have gone back in to get what I'd ordered but I I feared it would take another 20 minutes I didn't have. I must say that the naan was the BEST naan I'd ever had. It reminded me of naan I'd had at Indian restaurants in Kenya or the UK. Very light and buttery. Didn't taste like bisquick (thank goodness, lol!). The chicken tikka was very good, well seasoned and juicy. The lamb was a bit mealy and chewy which surprised me. I didn't care for the beef kabob at all. I knew it was ground, but it tasted like liver and I wasn't able to eat it since I hate liver.

          All in all, if I was in the neighborhood again and didn't have to worry about time, I might try it again to see if it would be any better. Overall I was very, very disappointed. But they did have great naan. I'd like to see what their chapati is like!

    2. Thought it was worth resurrecting this ancient thread since I happened on Kabab Hut when running around today.

      I ordered the Kabab Hut combo of chicken, beef, and lamb, and thought the chicken tikka was perhaps the best I've ever had, well spiced and juicy. The beef was ok: I liked the spices but it was dry, and the lamb was disappointing. However, the nan was out of this world. It was light with a great crust.

      The time thing is an issue if you're in a rush. I think at minimum it's a 15 minute wait. I imagine longer if there are more than one person ordering at a time.

      If I lived or worked in the area I would definitely put this place on the rotation. It's been three years since the last post, and I think Kabab Hut may have gotten their act together. It may be worth another (or first) shot.