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Summer holidays - based on food?

Summer is coming and once again, my husband and I are planning our trips, mostly based on what food/local cuisine we are interested in experiencing...with a little bit of sunshine/art & culture thrown in. Our plan this summer is to head to Cape Cod to eat as much seafood as decently possible!

Anyone else planning food-oriented holiday or trips? If so, where are you heading and what are you planning to eat when you get there?

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  1. All my trips are based on food! it is a constant obsession.

    I am crossing my fingers and hoping I'll be given the green light to go to Northern Italy in a few weeks to hang around with food and wine obsessed friends near Lake Como! (oh please oh please). I have never been to Italy, and so I'm really looking forward to it.

    A very close friend has moved to NYC, so we are scheming ways we could go to visit. And of course NYC is all about the food! We all like to eat...

    I also have this fantasy of walking the El Camino de Santiago in September. This is a 500 mile walk through Northern Spain. Although I see this as a meditative act, I am also quite intrigued by the idea of walking all day, then feasting all night on the pleasures of the Galician table, sea food and Txacoli, and of course, searching out the other fine Spanish specialties such as jamon and tapas, all on foot. You can eat a lot more if you've been walking all day! We'll have to see if that can happen, but boy oh boy, I have been fantasizing about this trip a lot!

    1. my trips are mostly based on food/wine/beer so i try to choose a destination that has a cuisine or wine, or beer culture. if they haven't any then i just have fun exploring whatever they call food. like when i went to Peru in 2003 for their ancient culture and history. and there i had baby alpaca steaks. wowsa! haven't had it since and am still dreaming about it lol.

      going to Argentina and Antarctica next.

      1. It is inevitable for me to have food as the major driving force behind choosing a holiday destination and, as it happens (at least in my eyes) the most beautiful, interesting places also have amazing food (coincidence? I think not). I am hoping to fulfill a long-lasting dream of visiting the Basque Country in October this year...so many amazing places to eat at I am already compiling a wish-list and it ain't short! What's great with the famous pintxos is that you can have loads of different delicious bites in small portions...My idea of heaven!

        I would also love to do Galicia one day as it's where my paternal family comes from and I've heard wonders about the people, the landscpaes and, more importantly, the food! And Sicily, Sardinia and rural northern Italy are also in my dream team as is India but I would need at least 3 weeks to explore it properly...

        So many places, so little time...sigh.

        Pata_Negra: Enjoy your stay in my country! (Argyland, as I call it) Hope you've checked the South America board for some good recommendations.

        1. I hang out on the Fodors Travel Forum Board sometimes and it always amazes me when people actually plan vacations that DON'T focus on food!

          While that may be stating it too strongly, (we sometimes lift our heads from the trough long enough to gaze at the hills), seriously, there are people who go to Italy and seem to come home with no recollection of what they ate. They have lists of museums and galleries, but never talked to anyone who lived in the country while buying the local cheese or asked the waiter about where the fish came from or any of the things we love to do.

          To answer your question...our next trip is to the Pyrennees in France and we have been seeking out Trip Reports, collecting restaurant reviews, using online blogs and watching TV programmes about the area for several months now, so that when we do go we are armed with notes of what the local specialities are and what restos are musts.

          Lately, we have been particular to rent an apt or villa when we go someplace so we can shop and cook and eat like the locals when we visit to better understand the place we are in. There is no better way to really 'get' a culture than to eat it...

          1. While I don't particularly plan my destination based on food, I certainly research the food and plan ahead once the trip is set.

            1. I feel like Superman's parallel universe alter ego, Bizzaro.

              I've been living outside of the US and traveling for work about 50% of my time for the last 35 years. Food gradually but long ago became almost as important personally as the work itself - and I love my work! So now I look forward to my increasing stays in Washington, DC, where I stay in a suite hotel, shop at SafeWay and Giant Foods and Harris Tweeter and cook and eat in ways that I haven't for decades. Going back for a couple of weeks in a couple of weeks.

              1. Well, this is Chowhound, so I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone out here who does NOT have food as a major, if not the primary, reason for going anywhere. Nowadays I wouldn't dream of going anywhere new without asking the local 'Hounds for advice first.

                1. Wow, sounds like a lot of you have planned amazing trips.

                  Moh- I hope you get to go to Italy, I've been few times but not to Lake Como. And the El Camino de Santiago sounds like a great combination of food+exercise. Something similar but nowhere on the same scale is the Cinque Terre in Italy - hike all 5 villages in 1 day is a great excuse to have a massive feast for dinner.

                  LJS- have fun in the Pyrennees.. not been there, what is the food like? More French or Spanish?

                  I wish we had more vacation days here in the US. All my European friends get 5-8 weeks of vacation and they do amazing 2-3 week long trips where they really get the feel for a culture and savour the local cuisine. Here, I'm stuck with only 3 weeks and I have US friends that only get 2!

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                    ahh! Cinque Terre, I've heard and read so much about this place! I'd love to go...

                    I feel your pain about the U.S. and vacation policy. I guess the work ethic in the U.S. is what made them so prosperous in the first place, but I really feel they need to relax a bit and let folks take more vacation. 2-3 weeks is really too short. People need time off to relax and reset. Life is too short to be working working working all the time.... (and I speak as a one-time workaholic)

                  2. All my holidays have been based around food; even when I've been in other cities for weddings etc. the food/resto exploration has been the real highlight of the trip. Years ago I used to visit a friend in Montreal every year and we planned our week around where we would eat, not necessarily what we would do... last year we did a tour of New England and the first series of books I bought when planning were of all the seafood shacks [and then I thought, hmm, we should probably book places to stay first!].