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Jun 3, 2009 08:16 PM

where to get good risotto in vaughan?

Can anyone recommend where to get really good mushroom and seafood tisotto in vaughan richmond hill or markham? we are looking for a place with both seafood and mushroom risotto. tried the Ice Cream Patio but was disappointed with the quality.

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  1. Sorry, no. I can tell you where not to go though. You already have experienced Ice Cream Patio who has decent pizzas and pastas but the risotto is NOT good. And I would also avoid Marcello's, who again, has really nice pizzas and I really like their pastas, but their risotto is atrocious. Basically, in my first hand experience in Vaughan, a lot of places specialize in food that can be cooked quickly and not with "slower foods". I do not have experience with Richmond Hill or Markham though. To tell you the truth, either we make risotto at home, or we go to Romagna Mia or Mistura for theirs.