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Jun 3, 2009 08:11 PM

Combination microwave/normal ovens?

Hi Folks -
A few years ago, I saw a house that had a combo oven - it could be used as a microwave or as a normal oven.
At the time I thought it was strange. Now I'm thinking it might be a good idea. We're redesigning our kitchen and want to have a second oven, but are having trouble fitting everything.

Anyone have any experience with these? Can these bake? What can/can't I cook in them?


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  1. Growing up we had a Panasonic microwave/convection oven, and it was a pretty good thing, quite suitable for baking, but somewhat small for roasting, and it didn't broil. If you're looking at a full size oven that's also a microwave, I suppose it might be better at the things a regular oven does, but is it convenient for warming up a cup of coffee? I don't know that it is or isn't, but that's what I'd ask.

    1. when we redid our kitchen we were (lightly) pushed toward the advantium microwave (in *addition* to a normal oven). It is a microwave with some kind of high power option so you can supposedly use it as an oven. But really not a replacement; it's not like you're going to cook a sheet of cookies in it; it's more for roasting a chicken or that sort of thing. We figured in our way of cooking it would just be a *really* expensive microwave oven, so we just got a normal microwave.

      1. I had a double oven (UK 24" size) by Smeg, the top oven could be used as a microwave, broiler or convection oven. The bottom oven operated as an oven or warming drawer (ie temperature range of 90-550F). Worked perfectly. I was always a little worried that it would go wrong, but it didn't. This was 15 years ago. Didn't do a lot of baking, but it roasted just fine. I would not forgo the convection part.

        On a totally different issue I have had two ovens in Canada, one which wouldn't broil with the door open and the other wouldn't with the door closed. Odd.

        1. 20 years ago I bought a Quasar micro/convection oven and still have it and use it everyday.For 15 of those years it was the only oven I had and did not miss a full size until my kids got big and I needed to cook more food. The micro part works just like any other microwave oven. The convection part of the oven work more like a regular oven. I roast chicken, bake cookies and cakes, do frozen pizzas in there with the same results as a regular oven. I also use it as a warming oven, almost everyday. The only drawback would be size. I would not do without, and as a matter of fact when I get my new kitchen (soon I hope!) if I can't find a new model I will incorporate this one into the design.
          Hope this helps.