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Jun 3, 2009 07:16 PM

Martha's Vineyard

Going to Martha's Vineyard and have not been there in awhlie. Are there any new interesting restaurants? We LOVE food and love great restaurants! Any suggestions, dinner, lunch?

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  1. When are you coming to MV? Are you looking for a particular price point or type of food? Will you have a car? Any particular atmosphere you like especially? Do you like seafood?

    Some things are the same- search the board for some favorites like the Art Cliff Diner and Among the Flowers for breakfast- but a few newcomers are just opening now.

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      We are coming a week from Thursday but just for the day. I believe we will be staying for dinner and we will have our car. We have not been to the Vineyard for some time so I am out of touch with what restaurants are good. I am a vegetarian (not vegan) and my husband eats fish. We love food , wine and nice restaurants. I guess lunch is a bit easier, dinner will be the meal!

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        Oh, looking at this now and seeing you may have already made your one day trip to MV. Hope you were able to enjoy some good places. With only one day on the island, i would have suggested one meal in Oak Bluffs and one in Edgartown, with some exploring done in your car- and on foot- in between. Right now, some places are only serving dinner, except on weekends, but that will change shortly. Several new places have been opening up in the past week or two, including an Irish pub where Balance used to be (Oak Bluffs), Deon's at the end of Circuit Ave. (also Oak Bluffs) and a place called State Road in West Tisbury. Haven't been to any yet so can't report on those. We have had nothing but rain on the island all spring. Hope you had a little sunshine while you were here.

    2. Deon's is a reincarnation of sorts. He used to be where the Red Cat was (and where the new "State Road" might be now). Hopefully prices will be better in OB.

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        Yes, State Road is located where the Red Cat, The Ice House, Bitterweet used to State Road. Trying to help the OP with what to do in a day.