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Jun 3, 2009 07:15 PM

What else to do with graham cracker pie crust?

I'm a lazy cook, and I've started using prepared graham cracker pie crusts, instead of making my own. I particularly like the little single-serving size. Anyway, other than my key lime pie, and my Jamaica rum pie (oh, yum) any suggestions for a fruit pie that would go well in a graham cracker crust?

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  1. Banana cream pie, or a chocolate-banana cream pie.

    1. Based on your confession of being a lazy cook, I have a bit of a dirty recipe for you. It's perfect for summer and involves Cool Whip. Are you game? :) The issue is, we used to make this with "custard-style yogurt" (the kind that you don't have to mix the yogurt with the fruit) and I don't know where this exists anymore, but combine a tub of Cool Whip with the yogurt and it makes a fruit-flavored mousse. Freeze it in your graham cracker crusts et voila--a cool and refreshing summertime dessert. Raspberry was my favorite flavor. And, of course, you can add fresh raspberries, too.

      1. lemon meringue
        peanut butter
        chocolate cream, silk or mousse
        coconut custard

        or how about a S'mores pie with chocolate & marshmallow filling?

        BTW, graham cracker crusts are excellent for frozen/ice cream pies.

        1. Banana Split Sundae Pie. My mom used to make it when I was a kid. Here is one version of it:,1737,...

          1. One of my absolute favorite pies ... and no cream is involved... stove-top blueberry pie.

            You cook half the blueberries on the stove and then mix in the other half just before filling the pie shell. The pie doesn't leak juice and has the great texture of whole berries.