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Jun 3, 2009 02:03 AM

GQ Magazine's Top 25 Pizza Places in USA [split from Boston board]

this "list" js a joke. honestly,im boston bred and love this town, but even hardcores have to admit its hard to get a GREAT pizza in this town, that said, this list has four places in michigan! though its been a while since i haunted the streets of brooklyn, it used to be that 5 places near park slope alone served a superior pie to anything you could get here and people i trust implicitly say that half a dozen new haven places are serving pizza better than THAT. plus, NO places in new jersey?!? come on, im no fan of the state as a whole (well, the pine barrens) but to shut out their pizza is insane! on the other hand, i have seen more press and discussion of this article in the media than any discussion of that ongoing pesky war in iraq. my bet is that this issue of GQ has big sales numbers, and really, isnt that what its all about?

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  1. I can name 25 better places than Santarpios.

    1. and no spumoni garden in brooklyn, or difario's?(sp)

      1. Link to story and list here:

        The actual listing of the places (starting with Chicago "Great Lake's" mortadella pie) begins on page 5 if you don't want to wade through all the verbiage.

        1. As a native metro Detroiter, I am kind of embarrassed that Buddy's made the list. They have lots of other good things on the menu, but I don't like their pizza and don't think it's remarkable in any way.

          I can name several places off the top of my head that do the square style pizza (never realized it was a Detroit thing) much better than Buddy's.

          And as for the pepperoni-under-cheese, I thought that was just a Buddy's thing and not necessarily a Detroit thing. Anyone else from the D want to chime in on that?

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            As another native Detroiter, I was delighted to see Buddy's on the list, along with the nice explanation of the Detroit square pizza style. Since leaving Detroit I've lived in Boston and California and nobody except other Detroiters has any clue about the square pizza there. Perhaps GQ and Mr. Richman can change that.

            Buddy's was the inventor of that style of pizza, and on my last visit several years ago it was as delicious and remarkable as ever. For an article like this, if you have several places that do an excellent job, you tend to go with the original as a tie-breaker. I'd like to know about the places you consider better for Detroit square pizza as I'll probably be visiting back in Detroit next year if not sooner.

            As a San Francisco Bay Area chowhound, Richman picked my two favorite local pizzas (A16 and Gialina) for his list. So if he gets Detroit and San Francisco correct, that list is looking pretty good to me.


            1. re: rweater

              I'm not a native Detroiter but I've been here for the last 15 years.
              Buddy's???? Sure it's better than Little Ceasers deep dish square but there are better deep dish pies in Detroit. While Little Ceasers is not "technically" Detroit style Little Ceasers was started in a Detroit Suburb at roughly the same time the square pizzas caught on here.
              I'm glad we are getting some press in Detroit but we have a lot more to offer than a "square" deep dish pizza.
              Both Louis and Cloverleaf pizza should be added to the list for those really wanting something to compare with Buddy's or even Nikki's in Greektown for a nice over all Detroit experience.




            2. Having had pizza at many of the pizzerias on the list I wholeheartedly agree that the list is a joke, and from the commentary, the same goes for Mr. Alan Richman's taste in food. Obviously, he is entitled to his preferences, though some of that stuff does not even sound edible (e.g. granulated garlic, etc.). You cannot accuse him of lack of research or not doing the legwork; he just doesn't get it. However, I do resent the article's pompous tone and the pronouncements that sound ignorant and are clearly based on an undeveloped "Chef Boyardee" type of palate. Speaking of that, I am surprised" that he left DiGiorno off the list... I suppose that's delivery.