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Jun 3, 2009 07:03 PM

No vent hood in kitchen - anyone tried an ozone air filter? - moved from Manhattan board


I'm moving into a NY apartment from out of town, and am faced with the prospect of cooking without a vent hood for the first time, and without a nearby window to open. A fan placed over the stove would just blow smoke and smells into the vicinity of the living room, and the windows are far on the other side of the room.

I know that the smoke and smells generated have more to do with how one cooks, but it smokes whenever I sear anything and I often tend to cook more "fragrant" foods that I would prefer not to linger throughout my apartment.

Without an available vent hood, has anyone had any experience with an ozone air filter? It looks like there is a fan which draws in smoke and smells, and then removes the odors. I was wondering if this was a viable alternative to cooking and dealing with smoke and smells I'd like to confine to the kitchen.


  1. Don't waste your money-I had one and all it did was cause a headache with that "ozone" smell. Just open some windows in other rooms and buyer a much cheaper standard rotating fan.

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      Thanks for the input. Do you remember which brand/model of ozone filter you bought and had a bad experience with? Much appreciated.

    2. I have seen "ductless" hoods--they don't vent to the outside, but you must clean the filter once a month. It might work well enough, especially if combined with an open window?

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