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Jun 3, 2009 06:18 PM

Pacific Grove groceries?

My large extended family (including two small children) will be spending a week in Pacific Grove in a rented house. We have enough restaurant recommendations (Passionfish, Red House Cafe, Sea Harvest, Nepenthe, Big Sur Bakery, Lopez Restaurante, Sand Bar and Grill) to take care of most of our dining out, but we'll be cooking a lot of our meals and I'm wondering if there's anywhere interesting to buy groceries. (Although if I've missed a fabulous place, please tell me.)

I already know where the Safeway, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, etc. are in PG and Monterey. I'm looking for stores that are a little more interesting -- is there anyplace to buy Asian groceries? Is there a good fish market? Bakery?

Also, what about takeout? I seem to remember a good BBQ (or was it rotisserrie) chicken place across from TJs, but I don't remember the name. Also, what about Asian food. I remember a decent Thai place also near the TJs, but is there any decent Chinese or Japanese?

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  1. There's a new Safeway in the Crossroads Shopping Ctr in Carmel. It truly seems to have everything and it's not your father's Safeway. In the same center, you'll find Sea Harvest for fresh seafood. As usual, the seafood is expensive, but if you go to Safeway, you could check it out.
    You might consider posting on the Pacific Grove Trip Advisor board. They'll give you some fine ideas too.
    Mexican in Pacific Grove: Peppers

    1. To my knowledge, no Asian Markets in PG. But Grove Market on Forest close to Lighthouse has excellent meat and a great selection of fresh local produce.

      I would also loudly recommend that you go to the farmers' markets in Monterey. On Tuesdays, beginning at 4 pm, 3 or 4 blocks of downtown Alvarado St become a market. There are several local Asian vendors selling things like on choi etc. On Thursday, there is a market at Monterey Peninsula College, beginning at 2:30. I don't remmember as much Asian produce there, but still a lot of fresh stuff.

      For fish, Sea Harvest at the corner of Hoffman and Foam in New Monterey is probably the best choice - though some fish is available at the farmer's mkts.

      I dn't think of PG/Monterey as being really good for Asian food. There was an Asian fusion place in PG (name forgotten), but I thought it was pretty mediocre and very expensive.

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        There are several good pastry bakeries in the area - one across Forest from Grove Mkt.

        For breads, Grove Mkt carries a nice selection of Mty Bay indie bakeries' stuff. Don't know if you are around the greater SF Bay area much, but Mty Bay also produces excellent sourdough breads in the SF style. I particularly like the stuff from Gayle's (which is located in Capitola or Santa Cruz, I believe) but is available at the Grove.

      2. Sea Harvest has a retail fish counter. Availability of fresh local stuff depends on what the fleet is bringing in, but last time I was there they had Monterey Bay spot prawns that were so fresh they were still twitching.

        1. Hi Joy,

          There's a farmers' market on Mondays from 4 to 7 on Lighthouse Ave in downtown Pacific Grove. The Filipino-Indian market in Seaside is your closest and best Asian market in the area. There are a couple in Marina too but I can't remember their names.

          I shop at either Sea Harvest (cloers to home) or the Monterey Fish Company on the municipal wharf.

          Little Chicken House is the bbq place you're thinking of and he's great! They're also at the market on Mondays. Thai Bistro II and Pacific Thai in PG are good. Crystal Fish in Monterey has pretty good sushi but I haven't had any good Chinese food that I can wholeheartedly recommend here.

          Have fun!

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            ptanu, is the Monterey Fish Co. at the end of the same pier as Sandbar and Grill? Do they have smoked fish? It looks so commercial, I didn't check it out...but they do sell retail??