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Jun 3, 2009 05:38 PM

Great place for a rehearsal dinner

If you are looking for a great place to host a rehearsal dinner, we highly recommend Skipjack's on Clarendon. We made arrangments (via phone calls) for our son's rehearsal dinner, and decided on Skipjack's due to the number in our party (they can accommodate 80 in a private room). Sheldon, the manager was extremely helpful in the planning process, and proved to be very accommodating that evening. We could not have asked for better service, staff were all very friendly, professional, organized! We held a cocktail hour with martinis, and an hors d"oeuvres table, then were seated for Soup, Entrees and dessert, all being very tasty! Skipjack's enabled us to run a Powerpoint show of childhood pictures of the bride and groom, which was an additional asset to the evening. Our guests were very complimentary on the fun, casual and relaxed evening. With wine and beer, meal and gratuity it averaged out to about $85.00 per person (total party of 63). Very smooth evening!

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