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Jun 3, 2009 05:14 PM

Is Union Square Cafe still good?

Is it still good? I have heard mixed reviews...recent reviews, experiences much appreciated!

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  1. Based on two recent visits I liked it very much. They had a rough patch a while back but IMO they are back up to speed. One caveat though, I don't think the food is cutting edge like some other restaurants, but it is very good none the less.

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      This was a staple restaurant for me up until a couple months ago when I had a food/service experience that was so bad it will be quite a while before I'm willing to return. I spoke with several other long time customers who were also unhappy with meals they had early this year. I'm glad to hear somone on the thread say they've turned it back around, but I have sufficiently bitter feelings that I personally need to stay away for a while longer before I give them another chance at jumping back in the rotation.

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        Sorry to hear that a Danny Meyer place did you wrong.

        I know very well how you feel and just like you, if a restaurant "burns" me it almost never comes back onto the radar regardless of how wonderful people say it is.

    2. I love Union Square Cafe! I have my birthday dinner there every year and visit a few times in between. I agree that they are not cutting edge, but that's not really their vibe. They are very much about Italian inspired, American comfort food, fresh seasonal variety with fruits and veggies from the Union Square farmers market. Definitely more of a homey classic than a cutting edge hot spot but still delicious.

      Some of my favorite dishes there are the calamari, risotto, lamb chops, duck breast, and all of the pastas. The wait staff is always gracious and the cocktails are yummy.

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        Absolutely agree with you CC. After rereading my comment I realized it may have read like a dis to USC and it wasn't meant to.

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          CC, thanks for your report. I need to get back to USC. We went for dessert (USC's Banana Tart honey-vanilla ice cream and macadamia brittle) and coffee a year or so ago and sat at the bar. I like how they have repositioned some items on the menu as "USC's" or "classic." Agree USC was the original locavore restaurant before Savoy, Market Table, Blue Hill, etc.

        2. I agree...not cutting edge, but what I've had was good and classic. GREAT burger at lunchtime...

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            I agree with you on the burger...in fact, I much prefer USC for lunch over dinner.
            I usually go for a pasta starter and finish up with the burger. I like the front room space in the daylight.

          2. yes, great service, good food, reasonably priced

            1. I really enjoy their polenta with gorgonzola and walnuts. I remember the foie being tasty, too.