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Jun 3, 2009 05:13 PM

Looking for coconut icecream in phila

I'm looking for a pint or half gallon of coconut icecream. I've been to the big Vietnamese grocery store on Washington and Wan Sheng in Chinatown with no luck.

Does anyone know if any of the center city grocery stores have it? Maybe Whole Foods or South Square Market?

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  1. Haagen Daaz makes an excellent pinneapple coconut icecream. it's loaded with coconut flavor and is available at Acme supermarkets

    1. I can recommend Capogiro, but you'll pay about $9 or $10 for a pint of their stuff.

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      1. re: Philly Ray's a half block from me so I guess if I get hard up, I can spend big money to get the good stuff....

      2. This goes back a couple of years, but the coconut ice cream at More Than Just Ice Cream on Locust St. was one of my favorite desserts in the entire city. I don't recall if they always had coconut as one of their flavors, tho', or just sometimes.

        1. WF definitely carries coconut ice cream, but what I've had might not be what you're looking for.

          They have (1) ice cream based on coconut milk that is so good I can't believe it. My friends who don't eat dairy or soy tuned me onto it, and I was just trying it to be polite at first. But it's really incredibly good! I don't especially like coconut and I do LOVE ice cream, so from me, that is an accolade and a half.

          I imagine they carry (2) dairy-based ice cream flavored with coconut, too, but I am not sure: which kind did you mean?

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          1. re: Mawrter

            I was thinking of dairy-based coconut icecream, but only because I hadn't considered the alternatives. I was making a Thai dinner and wanted something easy for dessert. I wound up getting cupcakes - which weren't even remotely related to the dinner, but that's okay. I want to track down some of these recommendations now. I think I read about a similar coconut milk sorbet that they sell at Trader Joe's. I wonder if it's the same brand as the one at WF.

            1. re: megmosa

              That sounds delicious, and who doesn't like cupcakes? I would not be surprised if TJ sells something like that - they have some very cute Japanese ice cream things that are sort of like frozen petit fours - kawaii!

              Maybe if you hit a yard sale you can start making your own Thai-ish frozen confections - that could be really fun! Imagine holy basil ice cream with coconut-lime sorbet...

          2. Franklin Fountain makes a really good coconut ice cream.I suggest getting a cone of it first, to see if it's 'coconutty' enough for you. I love it, but it didn't stop me from adding more coconut, some chocolate chips and sliced almonds to it when I go home. Kinda like my favorite candy bar, Almond Joy!