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Jun 3, 2009 04:37 PM

Looking for a romantic restaurant in the Lower East Side

Hello All,

I'm looking for a great, romantic restaurant to go to with my boyfriend this Friday night. It must be in the lower east side because we will be going to the Nuyorican Poetry cafe (near Ave. B and 3rd Street) after dinner around 9:30 pm (where I plan on proposing to him).

I don't really care about expense (although, if it happens to be great AND affordable, I certainly won't complain) :-)

I am particularly interested in great French restaurants (the one cuisine he has not experienced) but I am open to other styles of food. I am less interested in taking him to an Italian, Indian, or Mexican restaurant (but good Cuban, Thai, Vietnamese, Carribbean, etc are fare game)

Thank you!

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  1. Rayuela (Latin)? Reserve one of the tables upstairs with curtains around it.

    Bacaro (unfortunately it is Italian)? Reserve one of the tables downstairs. Food is good, not as good as it used to be IMHO.

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      Thank you so much for this suggestion!!! The food and service were fabulous. I had the paella de coco and it was better than I've had in Spain. His dessert was heavanly... The gratinado de almendra. I ate more of his than mine!
      Again, great suggestion!

      1. re: leilam

        So glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reporting back. I didn't know they serve brunch.

    2. Le Pere Pinard is on Ludlow between Houston & Stanton. It's a very good, cute French bistro with a bar up front that's popular with French people. I think they also have a garden for dining in the back. I recommended it to a half-French couple for their bilingual daughter's birthday. They loved it and the staff treated the girl like a princess. And it's pretty reasonably priced.

        1. I love the Orchard as well.

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            Sorella is a great spot as well. Apizz is very romantic also.

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              Actually, the little wine bar/small plates place tucked inside of Public is very romantic. It's called the Monday Room and is set up like someone's private study.

              1. re: kathryn

                last time i went to public was with my now (sigh) ex. they showed us the monday room, and i thought we would be going there shortly thereafter - but alas, shortly thereafter there was no more we.

              2. re: thew

                Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. I came here for brunch the morning after my date. It was funky, cool, and vibrant, and the coconut pancakes were out of this world... I almost put in for a second order.
                Thanks again!