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Jun 3, 2009 03:24 PM


How horribly annoying is the commercial that is now running on the radio. It is beyond bad.

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  1. Never heard the ad, but if it involves the song of the website's intro, I would have to agree. Most annoying.

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    1. I agree the commercial is really bad. The food seems good though..mmmmm.

      1. re: humbert

        Overpriced for a burger, and don't get me started on how much they charge for all their extras and sides. Insulting.

        1. re: TheSnowpea

          $8.75 for their cheapest burger - just a burger. $4 for fries and $1.25 for CHEESE?

          Insulting is exactly the word. How is this place still open?

          1. re: Shattered

            Umm, I would point out that a burger and fries at The Sparrow is about $12 if I recall correctly, and I don't recall anyone crying foul there. Well, perhaps you might do so.

            I don't mind paying top dollar for a really good burger. But it has got to be really good to justify the higher price. I've only been the once to M:Brgr. On that visit, my burger was very tasty, the patty was thick and not overcooked. There have been some reports since that they can overcook their burgers, but on my one visit I got lucky and had a nice burger. No, the biggest reason I haven't gone back was the lackluster toppings at somewhat exorbitant prices, and in the end, the only so-so fries.

            Now the fries at the Sparrow - well - siren song I say. Combined with that lovely consistently yummy beef patty - it's a real draw. No insult taken whatsoever.

            I've paid similiar prices in NYC for really good burgers, and not the fancy fois gras ones in high-end restos, I'm talking just really big, delicious classic burgers done right. If the quality backs up the price, I am ok with it. A burger made with good ingredients and lots of love is worth every penny.

            I still like my cheapo burgers, but they are a different entity altogether. I like them for different reasons.

            1. re: moh

              From the reports, I'd say the Sparrow offers a better bang for the buck, in any case.

              1. re: TheSnowpea

                I was at M:brgr a few months back, and found the burgers to be as good as they were on my previous visits, just after they'd opened. Their fries, though, tasted like they'd been fried in the same oil as the onion rings, which is a shame. They're not expensive for what they offer - but if you want a cheapo fast food burger, they're not the place.
                Sparrow is a different experience altogether - I wouldn't necessarily say it offers better bang for the buck. And disappointingly, last time I was there they were out of burgers (which one can only hope wouldn't happen at M:brgr)

                1. re: cherylmtl

                  I confess I'm not much of a burger eater, the cheap or the expensive kind! So my experience at M:bgr was easily influenced by my inherent reticence. I went because that was the place selected by the group to share a meal with a coworker who was leaving our office.

              2. re: moh

                Actually, I was the first to say that The Sparrow looked overpriced. But it has gotten universally good reviews on this board, not so with M:Brgr.

                1. re: moh

                  A percentage of all sales M:brgr makes goes to various montreal childrens charities. The price of the burger may be a bit higher but your helping a good cause. They also need to cover their overhead. I support m:brgr and I think what they are doing is great!!

                  1. re: moh

                    Exactly. The problem with M:Bgr isn't the price, it's the QPR. Well, that and the soundtrack...

                  2. re: Shattered

                    The meal I had there was great (taste-wise), but I did find it outrageously expensive, which is why I haven't gone back yet.
                    Two burgers (cheapest patty) with 3 toppings each (not the expensive toppings, mind you), 2 small sodas and a basket of fries = 50 $, plus tip!

                    1. re: Shattered

                      This place is WAY WAY overpriced - we went there for dinner - we had two cocktails (so overwatered you couldn't taste the alcohol) two burgers with one topping - two fries and a milkshake - total cost $95 - no thank you - I will NEVER go there again - we could of had a steak dinner elsewhere for that price thank you very much!

              3. How are they gonna put my $25 burger in a plastic POM bun? That was really a slap to the face.

                My buddy was the head salad chef there for a while. He took my suggestion to heart, brought it up to management, but they said 'no way' to the switch. Trying to keep costs down and all, and hey, non-perishable bread goes a long way...

                2 burgers + 2 beers for lunch = $55. Thanks, but no thanks.

                If I'm on Drummond, I'll stick to Mr Steere. Kosher beef, nice buns, $0.60 for extra cheese, $0.40 for fried onions, and those Suzy Q fries yum!!

                1. OMG I couldn't agree more - it annoys me to no end - especially knowing the insane prices they charge