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Veggie & carnie options sought for visitors to Playa Del Rey/Westchester (near W. Manchester ave. & Lincoln blvd.)

silence9 Jun 3, 2009 02:54 PM

Hello… My Masonic lodge is hosting some upcoming events near the 7700 block of W.Manchester ave. (cross street: Lincoln blvd), and I’m hoping to provide some take-out & dine-in options for both vegetarian and carnivore out-of-towners. Within walking distance or short drive preferred. All cuisines and suggestions welcome.

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    Ogawak RE: silence9 Jun 3, 2009 03:35 PM

    That intersection has some pretty nice restaurants nearby:

    Thompkins Square is a nice pub with a wide selection of draft beers and really good hamburgers.

    KJ's Diner is one of my favorite coffee shops. People have liked their waffles for breakfast, I like their prime rib sandwich.

    The Good Pizza is a short drive away and great for takeout.

    Pann's is probably the best restaurant in the area and a short drive on Manchester. Fried chicken, waffles, biscuits, patty melt. I believe they have some great takeout specials right now for their chicken.

    Viva Fresh on Manchester for Mexican.

    Ayara Thai, probably the best Thai on the Westside is also a short drive away. I like their drunken noodles and Pad sieu.

    There is a Bristol Farms a long walk away for veggie options.

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    1. re: Ogawak
      silence9 RE: Ogawak Jun 3, 2009 03:42 PM

      Hey thanks!

      1. re: Ogawak
        Emme RE: Ogawak Jun 3, 2009 10:08 PM

        second Ayara and The Good PIzza, as well as Pann's for some things.

        for breakfast, The Coffee Company (lunch and dinner served too)

        Bilal Indian on Manchester for take-away Indian since the ambience sucks

        Dinah's for the apple pancake

        Tomkin's Square in westchester for gastropub type

        1. re: Emme
          silence9 RE: Emme Jun 4, 2009 08:45 AM

          Emme, thank you!

          1. re: Emme
            westsidegal RE: Emme Jun 4, 2009 01:57 PM

            if you end up going to dinah's, in addition to concurring with emme's recommendation of their baked apple pancake, i also like the baked german pancake and their chile relleno omelette.

            i third the recommendation of THE GOOD PIZZA.

            1. re: westsidegal
              Dommy RE: westsidegal Jun 4, 2009 02:10 PM

              Fourth the recommendation for the Good Pizza... They Organic Flour and great veggie ingredients like Broccoli Rabe.... they even know how to have a little bit of fun.. such as BBQ Chicken and Fries Pizza... LOL!



          2. re: Ogawak
            ElissaInPlaya RE: Ogawak Jun 4, 2009 04:58 PM

            All of these are great options. Although Thompkins' beer is better than its food.

            We also like Vinny's Pizza, on Manchester.

            AVOID most of other nearby restaurants.

            1. re: ElissaInPlaya
              westsidegal RE: ElissaInPlaya Jun 4, 2009 09:01 PM

              if you're talking about vinny's pizza on lincoln, i must respectfully disagree. imho it is the second to worst pizza in the neighborhood (the worst being the yucky stuff they call pizza at beri's).

              the best local pizza, to me, is THE GOOD PIZZA on emerson near 80th
              the next best is beach pizza.

              1. re: westsidegal
                Emme RE: westsidegal Jun 4, 2009 09:10 PM

                my grandparents lived near Beach Pizza, and while it was not amazing, they complied with my request to put ricotta on the pizza (under the layer of mozzarella), which elevated it.... *tear* how i miss gluten and dairy...

                1. re: Emme
                  westsidegal RE: Emme Jun 4, 2009 09:26 PM

                  i wonder if THE GOOD PIZZA would do that for me? genius idea.
                  my heartfelt condolences about the gluten..

                  1. re: westsidegal
                    Emme RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 08:32 PM

                    it's the best... best if they'll mix in with the sauce and then dollop a little on top afterwards... there was a place in palo alto that i used to have do this when in college, and it was great, as their pizza was great, but it's a great method for making otherwise mediocre pizza pretty darn good.

                    ...ricotta is great on top of pasta w/ marinara, parmesan, romano, and mozzarella (so much better when you make your own version of this Cheesecake Factory dish and use quality ingredients...)

                    1. re: Emme
                      westsidegal RE: Emme Jun 5, 2009 10:53 PM

                      just the thought of what that dish must taste like has me salivating. . . .

                2. re: westsidegal
                  nakni RE: westsidegal Jun 4, 2009 10:02 PM

                  Yeah, Vinny's is a pale shadow of its former self (and I'm talkin' like 20 years ago), especially when it comes to the pizza. I'd still go there for the calzones though.

                  I'll have to hit up this Good Pizza place the next time I'm in town. How long have they been around?

                  1. re: nakni
                    westsidegal RE: nakni Jun 4, 2009 10:13 PM

                    dunno for sure, my guess is a couple of months or so.
                    they sell only one size of pie: large.
                    i haven't tried anything else they make other that their pizza because i'm not much of a fan of take-out for pasta dishes.
                    their tables are outside on the sidewalk of the strip center in which they are located.
                    also their pastas are priced at about the same level as many sit-down restaurants so there is no financial incentive for me to forgo having my preferene of having my pasta served to me.

                    1. re: nakni
                      westsidegal RE: nakni Jun 4, 2009 10:16 PM

                      vinny's was actually pretty good in 1985 and earlier. first, i believe the owners son and his wife took over, then when subway came in next door the son and wife sold the operation. it seemed like once the loan was repaid, the new owner never ever came in the place again and the true tailspin on food quality accelerated.

                    2. re: westsidegal
                      ElissaInPlaya RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 02:15 PM

                      Well, to be honest, I am NOT the pizza conneissur (sp) in my family. However, my east-coast raised husband has tried every pizza within 25 miles, and loves Vinny's. And, I admit that I do not find it horrible.

                      1. re: ElissaInPlaya
                        westsidegal RE: ElissaInPlaya Jun 5, 2009 04:03 PM

                        maybe your husband formed his impression in 1985 or so, when vinny's was good? before the son took over? before it was sold?

                        1. re: westsidegal
                          ElissaInPlaya RE: westsidegal Jun 15, 2009 10:07 AM

                          haha. nope; more like once a week! More if I am out of town:)

                          1. re: ElissaInPlaya
                            westsidegal RE: ElissaInPlaya Jun 15, 2009 04:18 PM

                            you can buy a couple of slices at the GOOD PIZZA and take them home for your husband to try. he may develop a whole new favorite local pizza place. . .

                3. westsidegal RE: silence9 Jun 4, 2009 08:58 PM

                  just so you know, unless these folks are hikers, there is not much decent food within walking distance (only the forgettable beach pizza-the best of this lot, and subway, the very horrible food served at beri's, and the poor food served at the indian place on pershing).
                  so, i'd plan on a little driving.

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                  1. re: westsidegal
                    silence9 RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 08:57 AM

                    Duly noted, westside gal. And thanks again (to all) for the reccos!

                    1. re: westsidegal
                      Ogawak RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 10:35 AM

                      Respectfully disagree, WSG:

                      Thompkins Square, KJ's, Viva Fresh (Manchester) and Bristol Farms are all walking distance from Lincoln/Manchester. Also nearby is the yet-unmentioned Italy's Little Kitchen, a respectable moderate priced Italian place.

                      1. re: Ogawak
                        westsidegal RE: Ogawak Jun 5, 2009 04:16 PM

                        #1) you say that beause you are not familiar with the location of the masonic lodge. the masonic lodge is located on manchester and redlands which would not be considered walking distance by most californians to bristol farms, thompkins square, KJ'S, nor the awful italy's little kitchen (must respectfully, but forcefully, disagree with you on this one).

                        2)if you like a red sauce that tastes primarily of stewed onions, italy's little kitchen in westchester would be your spot. probably all the other locations of this chain that supposedly offers southern italien food, would be the same story.

                        1. re: westsidegal
                          annapurna7 RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 05:12 PM

                          Don't think that walk is that bad actually. If you do a big shopping trip at Bristol Farms, maybe it's far, but for a few items, it's not that far.

                          1. re: annapurna7
                            westsidegal RE: annapurna7 Jun 5, 2009 06:01 PM

                            it's just short of a mile (nine tenths of a mile to be exact) from the masonic lodge to bristol farms.
                            presumably we're talking about round trip here, so you're expected folks to walk almost two miles for one meal. would you expect them to do that again for a second meal later in the day? how much time do you think you should allot for all this walking?
                            i would NEVER consider that much walking to be acceptable when arranging an event. if any corporate event-planner did this, they'd be out of a job before the next event.

                            1. re: westsidegal
                              annapurna7 RE: westsidegal Jun 8, 2009 08:47 AM

                              eh, I'm not opposed to walking fro a meal. One mile isn't that bad, it gives you a chance to burn off your meal. ;)

                          2. re: westsidegal
                            Ogawak RE: westsidegal Jun 5, 2009 06:41 PM

                            The OP listed his location as Manchester and Lincoln. That's my point of reference in my suggestions. That's what I'm responding to.

                            1. re: Ogawak
                              westsidegal RE: Ogawak Jun 5, 2009 06:49 PM

                              i realized that.
                              actually manchester and lincoln is the closest intersection of 'main drags' to the masonic lodge; that intersection, though just isn't very close. (we don't have too many 'main drags' here in PDR)

                              i knew this because i live close by. there is no way anyone who lived far away would know this.

                              just wanted to clarify.

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                        redbobsled RE: silence9 Jun 6, 2009 12:49 PM

                        I lived in Playa for a few years, and I don't see either of my two favorites mentioned here.

                        Alejo's on Lincoln for great Italian. Garlic, garlic, garlic.
                        Tandoor-a-India on Pershing (5 minute drive) for Indian. Great service, and they also deliver.

                        8343 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

                        Tandoor India
                        8406 Pershing Dr, Playa Del Rey, CA 90293

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                        1. re: redbobsled
                          westsidegal RE: redbobsled Jun 6, 2009 02:08 PM

                          respectfully disagree with both recommendations.
                          i COMPLETELY understand why neither has been mentioned: it's the food they serve.
                          alejo's claim to fame is that they mix raw minced garlic with the cheapest institutional olive oil and serve it on and in many of their dishes. they also serve the stuff tableside as a dipping sauce for their bread. if this is your bag, alejo's may be good enough for you.
                          imho, tandoor a india serves poor food all the way around.

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