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Jun 3, 2009 02:46 PM

Craigie on Main - Perceptor's Report

what a great restaurant on cambridge side! Craigie was our last dinner during our recent food weekend in Boston.... the space is really nice with an open kitchen showcased for everyone to see.. we wanted to get a complete craigie experience so we asked for their chef's tasting menu... the meal was fabulous and the service was impeccable...

Here is my photo report:

Craigie on Main
853 Main St
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 497-5511

- Perceptor from Los Angeles

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  1. Fantastic photos - I have yet to hit this establishment and always wondered how it was...I appreciate the report!

    1. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for posting!

      1. Great photos - really enticing.

        I tried it for the first time last weekend - the space looks nice, as does the staff and the food, but it tastes and feels like only the cocktails come with heart and soul - we had a very similar tasting menu (no bone marrow, some different fishes and the standout dish for us was half of a soft shell crab - wish they could have served a whole one to each of us, actually).

        All of the food was technically flawless and fresh but there was simply too much going on in each and every dish for my taste -and the pacing was very uneven (getting the food out of the kitchen - not the waitstaff's delivery which was fine).

        I think it's pretty reasonable to expect something special at $80 per person for the food alone - and it didn't completely deliver for me. All that said, the bartenders are tops, as are their creations. I will be back for more of those and try the bar menu then with high hopes.