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Jun 3, 2009 02:36 PM

va: lexington/staunton; Asheville, NC

Driving from Philly to Asheville, NC. Figure we'll stop in Lexington or Staunton VA.
Need chowhound quality places to eat in those towns and en route. Love all kinds of food, especially what's in season. Any recommendations for places to stop on the way?
While in Asheville looking to eat well for 4 nights.

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  1. I used to eat at The Southern Inn in Lexington and always had a wonderful meal. It would be a great option for either lunch or dinner. As I now live in Asheville I can recommend some places for great dinners. The Admiral in West Asheville is very "hipster-chic" in ambiance (it's a dive) but the food is delicious, and not to expensive. Rezaz/Enoteca offers both a casual wine-bar/tapas/entree option as well as a formal fine dining side. Corner Kitchen is good southern fare and in Biltmore Village, which is cute. Tupelo Honey is downtown and offers tasty southern fare-but be prepared to wait! Its very popular (but worth it-the pimento cheese dip & shrimp and grits are worth it).
    And finally 12 Bones bar-b-q, only open for lunch, one of the two locations, the south one, is open for lunch on Saturdays.

    Hope that helps!

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      In Staunton, VA, go to Zynodia. Check it out here:

      You will not be disappointed. The chef is the real deal. This is worth the stop. By the way, in case you need to know, the town is pronounced "Stanton," and not the way it looks. Go figure.

    2. Lexington, VA has The Red Hen, which is a tiny jewel box of a place serving up cutting-edge molecular-gastronomy-influenced cuisine while using local ingredients.

      Of course, if you can gun it all the way down the interstate a bit farther to Chilhowie, VA, you could eat at Town House, which has ex-Alinea chefs and is one of those most perfect dining experiences on the East Coast. This is what I would do, because it's so out of the way yet right on your route. How auspicious to be passing by that isolated corner of the world.

      You could stay somewhere like the Francis Marion Hotel in nearby Marion, VA.

      See recent thread on Town House here: