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Jun 3, 2009 02:10 PM

Old School Bagels in Tulsa

The new Old School Bagels shop next to KJRH on Peoria should be open by Friday. They advertise that they make them the real way by boiling them first. Unlike the rest of the bagels made here at the chain places. I sense some cream cheese, thin sliced red onions and smoked salmon in my future.

Old School Bagel Cafe

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  1. I went to the Old School Bagel this morning, and I wanted to let the good people at Chow know how disappointed I was. First, there were cockroaches running around on the floor, which I let slide because it was the soft opening and the store was new, but then when I got my ham and cheese bagel and looked inside there was a delicious looking spider staring back at me *sarcasm. It really pissed me off, but I thought I would be nice and politely ask for another bagel, but after I waited in line, they wouldn't let me get more food when I told them about it because the "spider wasn't still in the food"....of course not I killed it the instant I saw it. Make your own choice but OSB gets my two thumbs down.

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      That is ridiculous! People, please note that this person obviously had Not been there or they would have said something AFTER the store had actually opened. 10:51 am is 9 minutes BEFORE they had even opened. second, i have not been able to find a good bagel in the area since New York Bagel. and from what i hear about the oklahoma city store, they are run by the same people. (meaning water boiled!!) i cant wait to make it in to try an Everything bagel with Turkey, Cheddar, Bacon and ranch! Amazing!

      1. re: chrisdapiercer

        Went there on July 4 for a everything bagel toasted with chive cream cheese and bacon bits. It was fantastic!

        1. re: chrisdapiercer

          Where is this bagel shop in Oklahoma City??

      2. The original comment has been removed