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Jun 3, 2009 01:56 PM

Oxford, MS

I'll be spending a week in Oxford and wanted some suggestions for lunch and dinner. I was familiar with the restaurant scene but haven't spent much time there in the last seven years. I heard Yocona burned down and L & M's closed; are there any other new developments in the last few years? I'm sure I'll hit City Grocery for drinks and dinner one night and Proud Larry's for lunch -- and be dragged to Ajax even though it was never my favorite. I think we're doing a group thing at Taylor Grocery as well. Any other suggestions?

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  1. I love Waltz which is on the Square a few doors down from Square Books. The decor is amazing and the food excellent.

    John Currence (City Grocery) has a new venue called Big Bad Breakfast. I would think it'd have to be good. And, of course, Bottletree Bakery (I think Bottletree was started by Martha Foose who just won a James Beard Award for her cookbook). That's about the extent of my Oxford knowledge. Except, Tom Freeland has posted about a Thai place at

    1. John Currence just won a Beard Award after being nominated for 5 years. He's unveiling the new summer menu at City Grocery tonight; I've not seen it yet but I'd bet it will be good, since it is his "I won the Beard Award" menu.

      He has four places now. City Grocery you know. You should definitely check out Big Bad Breakfast-- breakfast and lunch, seven days a week, with a brunch on Sat/Sun. They have a smokehouse in back where they make their own bacon and sausage. The "big bad breakfast" is what I get, a standard southern grits/eggs/red eye gravey/etc. Their fried chicken at lunch is very good.

      He also has SnackBar, a new place next door to BBB. It's been open about a month and a half, and has a fresh oyster bar with outstanding oysters. They're using the smokehouse for charcuterie, so you should check that out.

      Marie's Lebanese, on Heritage Drive off West Jackson, is wonderful. Tues-Sat lunch, THurs-Sat dinner. It was just off the Square years ago, closed for a long hiatus, and reopened.

      Taquaria Mundo Latino is a good, very cheap taco place, very much catering to the growing Hispanic community here (e.g. tacos like lingua, chicharron, cabesa, but also less challenging fare. All excellent. It's on University by Highway 7 behind Obys.

      You might want to check out Ravine, a bed and breakfast / restaurant on Pea Ridge Road south of town. I have only eaten there once, but had a quite good meal, and everyone else I've spoken to likes it.

      Personally, I've had nothing but bad experiences in the three times I've tried Waltz.

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        I defer to Tom's expertise; he does live there after all. But, if nothing else, have a drink at Waltz in order to admire the decor. I'd be a total alcoholic if Waltz were located in Jackson.

        1. Marie's Lebanese in Oxford is excellent. The best Lebanese I have ever had. Nice, very clean place. Good wait staff. My teenage sons really like Marie's. Excellent Hummus, Tabouli, kabobs, lebanese Cassarole.