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Jun 3, 2009 01:16 PM

Looking for good restaurants, food shops and markets in Augusta, Georgia and Lake Oconee area (Greensboro, GA)

We will be visiting Georgia in a few weeks. Spending a few days at the Ritz Carlton Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro and a few days in Augusta. Looking for suggestions for good restaurants, food shops and markets close by.

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  1. A friend of mine who has a summer place on the lake likes the food at Cuscowilla which is very close to the Ritz.

    The new Sandbar bar/fried place at Granite Shoals near the Ritz has ok fried food. I liked their gator bits and onions rings to soak up some beers. It was just converted from an old marina/bait shack this year.

    1. I was recently in Augusta for a day to go on the canal tour and had dinner at the French Market Grille. My meal was very good as was the service. I ordered a combo which included a filet of beef which was cooked perfectly and was tender as can be. It was served with a really good béarnaise sauce.

      I was a solo diner and was quite comfortable there. Oh, the bread pudding was worth the caloric expenditure!

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        I have been a long-time fan of French Market Grille. Seafood crepes, Louisiana Sampler, nice pates, etc.