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Jun 3, 2009 01:02 PM

the search for the ultimate steak

whats the best steak in town (within san francisco preferably)?

i am looking for a good restaurant for groups serving up a great steak for a moderate price. ideally, the restaurant will offer several types of steak and have a rib eye priced around 30-35 dollars...i looked through a bunch of restaurants on yelp and harris' offered the best looking menu but its too expensive. the best steak i ever had was actually not in a steakhouse at all. it was at batali's B&B in las vegas. I actually liked the idea of it not being a steakhouse as it didn't overcharge for steak and had a good selection of appitizers and desserts. If you happen to recall a great steak meal that fits my criteria, please tell me the name of the restaurant. thanks!

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  1. At $35 dollars with some a local steakhouse selling dinner by the ounce you will not find the ultimate steak. However, here is a recent thread about non-steakhouse choices.

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      The mosharisia brizola - charcoal grilled ribeye - at Kokkari is by far my favorite steak in the city and another non-steakhouse choice that wasn't mentioned on that thread. Always cooked to spec, comes with velvety braised greens and these delicious greek potatoes that I've been trying to replicate forever. Very long and diverse list of mezethes/appetizers. I particularly like the soutzoukakia and the grilled calamari.

      Kokkari Estiatorio
      200 Jackson St., San Francisco, CA 94111

    2. I had a superior steak at Izzy's in Corte Madera. The Izzy's in SF should be just as good. Price was right around 30 bucks.

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        While my San Francisco Izzy's sides were ok and the steak was certainly tasty, it was way too chewy.

      2. Try El Raigon

        El Raigon
        510 Union St, San Francisco, CA 94133

        1. Alfreds is the most fun to me and great deal:
          "S c h o o l N i g h t D i n n e r $ 4 1 . 0 0
          (Offered Only Tuesday through Thursday nights)
          Choice of
          Mixed Greens, Caesar, Wedge Salad, or Split Pea Soup
          Choice of
          Filet Mignon 8oz, New York Cut Steak 16oz,
          Boneless Ribeye 16oz or Rack of New Zealand Lamb
          With Choice of Side
          Choice of Dessert"
          You cant beat the old school ambiance and Merchant St location.

          Alfred's Steak House
          659 Merchant St., San Francisco, CA 94111

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          1. re: mmerino

            I like Alfred's, too. I like that they don't adorn their steaks. . . they want you to really taste the meat! A wedge salad and a medium rare rib eye is all I need. The other food is hit or miss but you can't go wrong with their steaks.

          2. Well... was going to say Harris'... Honestly, nothing beat a Brian Flannery 40 day rib cap roll but I assume that is not in the cards.

            I've had wonderful steaks at Ame -- but it is not always on the menu.

            Izzy's is good, but not at all 'ultimate'. El Raigon is good...