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Jun 3, 2009 12:54 PM

Matiz Gallego Polpo Octopus in Twin Cities?

I am looking for the name brand "Matiz" brand canned octopus without having to order it on line. Does anyone know where I can find this product in the TC? I have already tried Lund's/Byerly's. Next stop Broders but this is a Spanish product. Any ideas?


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    1. re: soupkitten

      Check with Surdyk's- I saw the Matiz sardines there yesterday- they might be able to get the octopus. Why do you want it, have you heard it's great?

        1. re: PlymouthGirl


          Bill's Imported Foods
          721 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

      1. I thought El Burrito Mercado might have it, although a Mexican grocer, they do carry some Spanish products. The only pulpo they have is the Goya brand in olive oil. BTW, they also carry calamares en su tinta if you are so inclined.
        Now I'm curious about the Matiz product. I love pulpo a la gallego, but have had to settle for making it myself. Please do report back if you are able to find it locally.

        1. Hi Sal and Faith,

          I will check with both. Yes, I have heard that it is spectacular. With the on-line price of around $7 per tin it should be good! I will go to Mercado and also try Surdyk's. I went to Shuang Her (Across the street from Quang) and purchased baby octopus and squid after my search that day. It tided me over until I find it!

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          1. re: PlymouthGirl

            PlymouthGirl- I noticed online that a number of places that carry Matiz octopus were out of stock on it. I wonder if it is hard to get right now.

            1. re: faith

              Very possible. I was trying to find it for my husband's birthday. Maybe next year!