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Jun 3, 2009 12:51 PM

need Tallahassee advice in a hurry (please help)

Hi, Tallahassee folks, I need some help!

I'm getting married on Friday, and the (small) wedding party will be dining out after the spur-of-the-moment wedding. We are five adults and three children. I (the bride) am a true food snob, but living in Tallahassee I've learned to get over myself. Where can we go that is "nice" and celebration-worthy, but that also has a children's menu? I would have picked Silver Slipper for sentimental value, but since it's no more, I'm at a loss. My favorite restaurants here -- Kool Beanz, Mozaik, FGF, Reangthai -- are all pretty much off-limits. The children who'll be dining with us are the worst kind of picky eaters; they subsist on chicken strips and fries, grilled cheese and fries, mac and cheese and fries (I wonder how they don't get scurvy).

Any thoughts? I'm not used to dining with these children anywhere but fast food and fern bars. There has to be somewhere we can go that caters to their nonsense without short-changing the rest of us...

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  1. I don't know of what exactly fits your bill, but upscale and great is A la Provence, formerly Albert's. Check out its website. From the list of your favorites, which pretty much mimics mine, (I would sub Sage for FGF)....but I think if you will call Bill Bertoncin, new owner and manager, he would prepare something for the kids to order, even if pretty simple.
    That's what I would recommend, and I have eaten at all these places and then some. and congratulations!!!

    1. What about Japanese? Kitcho should work for everyone and they have things that kids would like (i.e. fried food). How about that place that took the place of Rubie Sky? I've never been to either of them, but it's an idea.

      1. May be too late to the party here. But if Steak's rec doesn't work out (and 3 kiddos all dressed up can be a bit cranky and upsetting to other diners) what about the new Tapas place over in MidTown Manor next to Red Spot? They have great food including all sorts of things to appease the kids and appeal to the adults. Reasonable wine selection. Good selection of craft brews. Not sure if there's a private room available but call them and see. they are connected with the Winery which does have private rooms.