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Jun 3, 2009 11:51 AM

Guava nectar in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can find guava nectar in Toronto?

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  1. I could be wrong but I think that the South African brand Ceres sells it. Ceres can be found at most supermarkets.

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    1. re: Baelsette

      They do sell a blend labelled guava, meaning they use pear or another sweet juice to sweeten up the guava without adding sugar (other than the sugar naturally in the pear juice of course). I liked it, but felt I could taste the pear - could have been my imagination.

      1. re: julesrules

        Yes, I've tried Ceres but was looking for something that wasn't a "juice blend" but actual guava juice...

        1. re: theadventurer

          I'm also watching the thread. I seem to remember my Mom getting frozen concentrate guava juice years ago and it was quite mouth-puckering.

    2. I haven't seen Guava juice in supermarkets, but I did find a DELICIOUS concoction at Sunrise Caribbean Foods (mostly take out place) near Jane and Wilson. They have a juice that is just guava and ginger, and it is so refreshing. Apparently they make a whole variety of juices but that is the only one I have tried. The bottles are small but they may sell it in larger quantities; I just haven't seen it.

      1. The only place I knew was the falafel place in Kensington Market, which is now closed. But the brand was from Egypt. So maybe try Prince of Egypt on the Danforth.

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        1. re: dubchild

          Prince of Egypt closed sometime last summer

        2. Have you tried ARZ bakery on Lawrence? I'm sure that's where I bought some last. It was on some shelves under the isles that had oranges on them, in a tetrapak style of container.