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Jun 3, 2009 11:50 AM

What are the best 'recession deals'/happy hours in L.A

I've noticed that more and more restaurants and bars are offering happy hour/recession deals. I am wondering which ones in your experience offer the best value for the money. Also days and time the deals are offered would be appreciated.

Asia De Cuba has 50% off Food and Drinks 5-7pm -Monday - Friday..but i'm not sure if $7 Mojitos are a 'deal'..

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  1. Try Kay n Daves on Pico in Rancho Park. M-F 4-7 Happy Hour. Monday is $1 mini Margarita night, Tuesday is Taco Tuesday (Taco's are $ 1 each), Thursday is buy 1 shot get one free. The regular happy hour menu and drinks are good and inexpensive. And their margarita's are not watered down like many Happy Hours are. They make each drink by hand and all Margarita's are on the rocks unless specifically requested blended.

    Voted Best Westside Happy Hour in L.A. Weekly last year.

    The only problem is the bar is small and it can be difficult to get a seat but the soon to be opened Culver City location is going to have a bar 3 times the size!

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      Oh cool, yea I live only a few blocks from the Rancho Park Kay n Dave's ...The CC location sounds like it will be fun..especially if they have the same happy hour deals

      Do you know if you have to sit at the bar to get the Happy Hour prices?

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        Yes, unfortunately you do have to be in the bar. I just noticed the Mojito comment on Asia de Cuba, the Mojito's at Kay n Daves are $4 at Happy Hour.

    2. Liquid Kitty on Pico and ??? (West LA/SM) has $5 martinis on Tues and Wed. Normal size, normal strength, good vodka. Across the street there is a mexican place with $1 tacos but there's always a huge line so the strategy is put your name down for tacos, go get a martini or two, come back when your table is ready. Get full and wasted for less than $10!

      1. Riva in Santa Monica has a "bar bailout" menu from around 5-6:30pm and then again in the late evenings from 10pm-12am. Pretty decent amount of items are on the menu and they're around half price. You still have to deal with the snotty bartenders, but it can be worthwhile.

        1. Fraiche has a good Lakers game Happy Hour in the bar area - beer $3, snacks $5.

          Just make sure not to sneak the fondue into the dining room!

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            I just looked this up on their website. They call it Gourmet Hour from 5:30-6:30. I must go check this one out. Thanks!

          2. Almost enough to turn one into a Laker Fan eh?