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Jun 3, 2009 11:36 AM


Has anyone tried to bring an ice chest with food into the Bahamas? Traveling there soon and wondering how we'll manage.

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  1. I've traveled within the USA with an ice chest. You might want to call the airlines as to whether you can transport food to the Bahamas (British Bahamas?)

    1. I have traveled to the Bahamas with perishable meat and cheese items. No problems. I also had good luck in finding kosher items in the local supermarket. The chain there used to Winn Dixie but they sold it to another company about two years ago. Just don't travel with fresh fruits/vegetables, you know, anything subject to phyto-sanitary certificate regulations (this is now touching on my real job).

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        We took a chest last year, it was no problem (Delta). But just saw you know, as long as you freeze the food before, IT WILL STAY FROZEN in the belly of the plane. The cargo holds are not heated so you have nothing to worry about in regards to the food staying frozen. Customs could really care less that you are brining meats and cheeses, so you will have no problems.

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          Not worried about the airline...I'm worried about regulations in the Bahamas about bringing in food...yes, meat, cheese, etc.

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            As I stated...we had zero issues. By law, most countries probably don't allow you to bring in food, as it will effect the ecosystem. With that said, I have been to the bahamas 3 times and had zero issues bringing in food.

      2. I answered this question once before. I was the High Holidays rabbi of the Nassau Jewish Congregation from 2001 to 2004.

        The two or three families who have kosher homes, buy their meat in Miami and bring it back in ice chests. So it definitely is done.

        Having said that, I do not know whether it is in fact legal. Bahamians, especially upper class Bahamians, travel to Miami the way I travel from Southeast Ct. to New York City. They think nothing of hopping a plane in the morning, doing some shopping, and hopping a plane home that afternoon. Nassau is a pretty small town and the residents mostly know each other, so it could well be that while the practice is technically illegal the authorities look the other way for locals.

        We were "loaned" a kosher home (the owner was from Canada and always spent the HiHo's there) and the kitchen was already stocked with meat he would bring back from Miami or from Toronto. So we didn't have to face this issue. The Bahamian consulate could give you more authoritative info.

        1. I know this is an old post, but perhaps this will help someone else. It is perfectly ok to bring an ice chest with supplies. That being said, you may be assessed duties on what you bring it. It is completely legal to bring frozen foods, cheeses, and non-perishables. There is duty on just about everything, but if you come in as a tourist, they may not bother. Then again, they may. :-) Residents do it all the time as we can't always find what we need here.