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Jun 3, 2009 11:36 AM

kalonji black onion seed

Does anyone know where I can get black onion seed in Toronto. Do any large grocery stores have them? Loblaws? Whole Foods? Maybe Noah's?

I'm hoping not to have to go to a specialty store if I don't have to....its a time thing as I live in mid town Toronto.

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  1. You can get it a the shops in Little India. I didn't know that onion seeds were called kalonji(sp) which is how they are labeled in the shop so you are already ahead of the game. Not sure on specific names for stores but there are several on the south side which carry it.

    1. You'll also find it commonly as nigella seed in most health food stores.

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        Not just commonly, but also correctly. They are not onion seeds.I use it on bread.

        ...and I always liked Nigella..

      2. Try Bombay Trading on Bloor and Dufferin they have it for sure!

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        1. re: Monkess

          Thanks! I'm going to Whole Foods on Friday....I'll look for Nigella seed there. Hopefully they'll have it!

          I have a recipe to use it in lentil soup. What else do you use it for? Bread I know...but I don't eat that's out for me.

        2. Most Indian stores would have it.

          Try it on a tomato and bocconini salad together with toasted pine nuts for something a bit different!

          1. Not sure where in midtown Toronto you are - but this is available in any Indian grocery store. There are a few in the Don Mills/Eglinton/Laird/Overlea area known as Thorncliffe. There are also some on Lawrence east of Vic Park.
            Not sure if those are too out of the way, but they will have nigella seeds for sure.

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              I'm at Mt Pleasant and Laird would be great! Can you recommend any particular stores?

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                Your best bet is the Iqbal Foods grocery store.
                2 Thorncliffe Park Dr, Toronto, ON, Canada - Thorncliffe Park & Overlea, Unit 10

                Be forewarned - the parking lot is a zoo and the store is often packed as it's very popular with the South Asian locals.