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Jun 3, 2009 11:28 AM

SA - Local Pizza?

I will be visiting San Antonio next week with my family and we are interested in finding a great local pizza place. Local to San Antonio or Texas, at least something we can't find in the midwest. We prefer thin-crispy crust, but are willing to try any great local pies! :) We are staying west of downtown inside the 410 loop. Thanks!

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  1. Dough Pizzaria is on Blanco road, just inside loop 410. that fits your bill.

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      Another good option now is Grimaldi's. Coal fired oven with fresh toppings. Almost as good as dough, easier to get into because it's larger. Not really local since it's a offshoot of the original in Brooklyn. It would be fun to eat there, walk around La Cantera (very upscale outdoor mall) and have dessert somewhere.

      1. re: radiowh0re

        I second the Dough recommendation. Went there last atmosphere, tasty Neapolitan pizza.

        1. re: klicious

          Went to Dough last night and absolutely hated it. Very limited menu and extraordinarily overpriced compared to other certified pizzaria's I've been to. The only highlights were the excellent service and the dessert -- a challah gelato panini with nutella.

      2. I can offer another data point on Grimaldi’s at La Cantera. In my opinion, the best thing about the pizza was the fresh mozzarella, which tasted better than the type that is usually offered at local upscale-pizza shops. The worst thing was the crust. It was thin, dry, almost hard, and cracker-like. It was not airy (with virtually no air pockets or bubbles). It was not charred on the edges, though there were black charred spots on the bottom. The texture and blandness made it a chore to eat.

        The red sauce was far too sweet, though I’ve had sweeter (like at the now-defunct Saccone’s in Austin). In addition, the Italian sausage is nothing like the kind served at Grimaldi’s in NYC. It’s the somewhat greasy, ground-up variety like—but not as bad as—the kind you’d get at chain pizza joints. While the S.A. Grimaldi’s got right the ratio of sauce, cheese, and topping(s) to pizza dough, I’d have to say that their pizza reminded me more of other Texas versions of New-York-style pizza (like at Home Slice in Austin) or high-end cracker-thin-crust pizzas (like at Enoteca Vespaio in Austin) than it did the pizza at the original Grimaldi’s. I was really disappointed.

        That being said, the pizza available in San Antonio is pretty terrible, so I would certainly not turn down a free slice from Grimaldi’s in the future. However, I will not seek out their pizza again. For me, it was neither a missing link to, let alone a fulfillment of, the New York ideal that its brand and marketing promise.

        Overall, when I’m looking to fulfill a need for San Antonio pizza that evokes the amazing pizzas that I used to get in New York or Naples, I would choose Dough. Their pizza is not as good as I'd hoped it would be. In my opinion, though, they make a pretty good pie that can approach the delicious simplicity of a Neapolitan-style pizza. (Disclaimer: I’ve only eaten at Dough twice, and this was a couple of months ago. I need to go back now that I’ve just returned from Italy before I post a full chow report.)

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        1. re: MPH

          After a few visits to Grimaldi's, I went back to Dough today. I agree, their crust is much better than Grimaldi's, much more flavor and texture.

          1. re: saeyedoc

            its been a while since I've been in SA but wasnt their a small pizzeria on Broadway in the Alamo Heights area owned by a New Jersey family? Can't recall the name of the joint. I thought they served up some terrific NJ style pizza..

            1. re: bornie

              that would probably be Sorrentos. Excellent pizza.

              1. re: san antonio eater

                Do you know if Sorrentos serves slices at lunch?

                1. re: saeyedoc

                  I don't think they serve pizza by the slice there at all. I am pretty sure you have to buy a whole pie.

                2. re: san antonio eater

                  clams casino pizza. say no more. best-american-pie - e-v-e-r.

          2. Dough was excellent the one time I went. Qualtiy ingredients. Doesn't hurt that they had burratta cheese on the menu when I went.

            1. I really liked Fraolo's out in Leon Springs. You can also BYOB!

                1. re: frostmo

                  If they haven't already, Naples is moving to the Alon Center on Military.