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Jun 3, 2009 11:10 AM

Small plates-best bet?

I'm all alone in town for a meeting, and I'd like to have a small plates meal tonight. I like everthing, and went to Takashi on Sunday night for tehir small plates menu (yum, BTW)
Any suggestions? Thanks so much!
Oh-there are no decent xiao long bao in Chicago---right?

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  1. Definitely Avec. One of my favorite small plates (and restaurant in general) in the city.

    1. Word is that Lao Shanghai has acceptable xiao long bao, but I, unfortunately, haven't had them. They, along with Lao Sechuan and Lao Beijing have very good food, though, and they are all in Chinatown.

      1. A lot of good options. Avec is very good.

        Others I love these days include Mercat a la Planxia in the Blackstone Hotel and the Bristol on Damen.