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Jun 3, 2009 10:50 AM

S. African Pinotage in Dallas???

I used to buy KWV's Pinotage in the Dallas area several years back. All of a sudden it was off the shelves, never to return. In checking for any other pinotage, I'm having a difficult time finding anyone that carries a SA pinotage in this area. Does anyone know why - or where I can find it? So far I've scoured the North Dallas area with no luck and none of the people that work at the stores seem to know (or care) about the reason it's not on the shelves.


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  1. I've seen Wildekrans Pinotage from South Africa at Devine Cellars in Coppell, a DFW suburb. I haven't tried it!

    1. Have you checked Central Market?

      1. According to, a chain of stores called Goody Goody Licquors stock two varietal Pinotages (Fleur du Cap and Spice Route) and one Pinotage/Shiraz blend(Spier) -- see

        I'd recommend the Spice Route Pinotage is the best, tho'more expensive than KWV.

        La Cave Warehouse lists Kanonkop Estate 2006 Pinotage. This is seriously good stuff, right at the Pinotage pinnacle and the 2006 vintage was excellent. This will age for a decade but it's drinking well now.


        1. Kanonkop's Pinotage is "out of this world." It's a staple in my household and La Cave does carry it. Highly recommended. 90+ by Wine Spectator.