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Jun 3, 2009 10:28 AM

Good weekend child friendly brunch in Park Slope or Carroll Gardens?

We never do brunch but we're meeting another family this saturday for an early brunch. We're in Park Slope but the brunches I've been to have been pretty lame. Any suggestions for a good one that can handle an infant, a 2 yo and a 5 yo (non of whom are generally unruly) would be greatly appreciated. And ethnic is fine. Even prefered.


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  1. I like Luluc and Paninoteca on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens for brunch, or Union Smith if the weather is nice enough to sit outside. We have brought our son to all of them (he's almost 2) and he has never been the only child. Paninoteca even has toys. Don't know about ethnic options.

    1. Palo Santo on Union Street has a very good brunch. Every time we've been on a Sat morning, the back room has been pretty quiet and seems like it would be kid friendly.

      1. Miriam on 5th Avenue would be good for this. They handle children well, and as long as you are going early there shouldn't be much of (or any) wait. Around noon this place gets very crowded.

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          The one time I tried to go to Miriam it was so crowded and so cramped my friend who I guess is even more claustrophobic than me insisted on leaving. We ended up at Bogota Bistro, which was great, but only if you're looking for Latin American brunch. I don't know about the kid factor at Bogota, but since Fareed the co-owner is such a nice guy I'm sure it trickles down. I also love the vibe of Sidecar, at 5th Avenue & 15th, which has sort of a roadhouse feel.

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            the prices at Miriam are very decent -the food is pretty good, but IMO a bit less good than it ought to be - cruder and some of the combos miss.

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              I wanted to try it because they serve malawach (sp?) on weekends.

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            1. It's too late for your family brunch - which I hope was great - but we've brought friends to Get Fresh on 5th Avenue with great feedback. I prefer them mid-week, when things are quieter and you can sit for a long time in the back garden, but the brunch offerings are good and they're very, very relaxed about children. Stumptown coffee, too.

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                Thanks. You're the second person I've gotten that rec from , so we will definitely give it a go. We took the advice of Tiger2 and went to Palo Santo. I'd never been there before and really liked it. The food was good (not great, but good) but the atmosphere was what I liked best. It was like a hidden little oasis.