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Jun 3, 2009 10:15 AM

Source for aquavit / scandinavian schnapps in greater Boston?

Helping to plan a swedish style midsommer feast, looking for a source of aquavit , brannvin or other (scandinavian) schnapps. I have seen an occasional bottle of Aalborg mixed in with the ouzo at shops here and there but no real selection. Would especially love to find a source of Hallands Fläder, as it's a favorite. Anyone know of a place with a good schnapps selection in the greater Boston area?

Tack så mycket,


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  1. Linie and Aalborg aren't hard to find around; most places with a decent selection of spirits carry one or both. I don't really know any other brands.

    I generally look to Marty's in Newton, Blanchard's in Allston, Liquor Land in Roxbury, and Martignetti's in Brighton when I'm looking for slightly unusual stuff. I'd start by calling those folks.

    I recently got my hands on a bottle of Lapponia Lakka -- delicious! -- but a friend brought me that from Toronto.

    (As I'm sure you know, the American notion of "schnapps" is rather different from the European one, and not in a good way. I'd use the term aquavit when asking.)

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      Blanchard's usually has a couple types of aquavit (including, but not limited to Aalborg), but I haven't checked them recently. For eastern european style schnapps, you could also try Bazaar in Brookline; their selection is small and eclectic, but I've noticed many things there that I haven't seen elsewhere. (In fact, the liquor store on the corner of Summit and Beacon might have some, too-- I recently noticed that they had a surprisingly large selection of Georgian wines)

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        Ja, tack- I know that there is, sadly, no resemblance between euro "snaps" and american "schnapps". I have specific name brands I'm looking for, which normally I either carry back with me to the states or have received as gifts from visitors. I personally don't care for Aalborg much and so it's (of course) the most common to find here, alas! I have some recipes for flavoring vodka that I can use to make substitutes if it's required. I will check out these other places too, one never knows what treasures will be found! Skol!

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          Oh- random factoid from my research- to be called "aquavit" in the US the spirit has to be flavored with caraway. So if you search only for aquavit here you'll end up with that singular flavor profile. Good to know, at least for those of us who aren't crazy about a strong caraway flavor.

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            That's an interesting factoid! Luckily for me, I love caraway, so I happen to like Aalborg quite a bit. (Now if someone happens to know of a local source for icelandic Brennivín...)

      2. This Svenska Flicka has only seen Aalborg around here. A bottle resides in my freezer.

        You might try calling Brix or Julio's in Westboro.

        1. check some of the Russian places, like Bazaar in Brookline, they have a good selection of East European liquors, and may have water of life not flavored with caraway.....I like Linie and Aalborg myself, but must be consumed after (or while) singing a song....

          1. I almost picked up a bottle of OP Anderson at Liquor World in Porter Square the other day. You could also check out Downtown Liquors in Davis, as they tend to have everything I ever need (included my beloved Zubrowka buffalo grass Polish vodka and Unicum!)

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              ooh, great idea. I had forgotton about Downtown Liquors, I used to live in the neighborhood and loved that place. Zubrowka may have it's place in my picnic too! Thanks!

            2. Hej på Er! I know this is an older thread, but I'm an Aquavit producer from Seattle and just got distribution in Massachusetts. Hallands Fläder is my favorite too! You can buy/order bottles of our Swedish citron, Danish dill or Norwegian caraway Aquavits at Liquor World. Hopefully more stores will come on board soon too! (Brannivin just got US distribution also and should be around here or there)

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                Oh man, I'm Swedish by ancestry and I just do not get the caraway thing. At all. It's like drinking a loaf of alcoholic rye bread.

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                  Man, I love me some Black Death from Iceland, and it is sort of like alcoholic rye bread! I guess I'll have to try the Aalborg sometime.