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Jun 3, 2009 10:06 AM

Best Wings in Philly

What ya got? I've had Moriarty's (always good, esp if you like them hot) and byrne's in port richmond (on the small side but tasty) are the two philly heavyweights IMHO.

recently had Ladder 15 which were dry and terrible and Pub and Kitchens, which were awesome in honey whiskey sauce, but small.

anywhere off the radar that i should be heading to get my fix.

a decent beer list is a plus too

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  1. Can we expand this to include take-out/delivery wings, too? I have not found any delivery places that make good wings, although King Edwards on Bainbridge near Juniper is not bad.

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    1. re: barryg

      I'd head across the Tacony or Betsy Ross to the Jug Handle Inn. Best wings I've ever had (large in size, perfectly cooked with a phenomenal sauce), which includes the originals at the Anchor Bar.

      1. re: mitchh

        mitch, my daughter mentioned this past weekend, the Jug Handle changed "handlers". She said the recipe for the wings has changed and they weren't as good. What do you know about that?

        I am looking for great wings in Montgomery County if anyone has a suggestion. I would like to be able to have them without traveling. Ambler, Lower Gwynedd, Blue Bell. Thanks.

        1. re: crazyspice

          the wings at 1st and 10, a taproom on hamilton ave in hamilton, nj has the best wings. other menu selections are also teriffic. the wings are as good or better than anchor bar.

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            I honestly haven't been there since the winter so I can't answer that question. I can say that then the wings were as good as I remember when I was 18. That said I have a hard time believing that a place famous for their wings would change the recipe that they've used for years even with a new "handler".

            In Montco, the wings at Whelihans are very good as are the wings at the Drafting Room. If you like them hot, the Drafting Room's inferno sauce will make you quite happy.

            1. re: crazyspice

              I like the hot & honey wings at the Bridgeport Rib House

          2. re: barryg

            IMO...take out wings are close to take out fries....the steam/ heat in the to go boxes ruin a good the time you get it home....they are terrible

            1. re: BeerFreak

              As long as you aren't driving a long distance if you get them dry and sauce them at home, they are ok. For me Lee's is literally a 2 minute drive so they end up ok, but I do ask them to make sure they are well done. Besides if wings aren't immediately delivered to your table when you order them at a restaurant you could say the exact same thing.

          3. My bf swears by the Royal Tavern wings... and also good beer there.

            For delivery (no one yell!) ... Dominoes.... :)

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            1. re: LPhila

              BTW, since I just had lunch there and had wings I have to give them props, the wings at Lee's (specifically Blue Bell) are very good.

              If you are going to do them as takeout, I highly recommend getting the wings dry with the sauce on the side and adding the sauce when you get home so that the wings don't get soggy.

            2. My husband really likes Union Jack's in Manayunk. I've had their boneless wings and the sauce is excellent.

              1. The asian wings at North 3rd are SOOOOOO good!

                1. Great wings, excellent beer list, and off the beaten path: Mesquito Grill in Doylestown. Everything else there is pretty average, but the wings and beer are top notch.