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Where to Eat: Now Working in Gowanus 3rd Avenue and 8th Street

We just moved to this part of Gowanus at 3rd Avenue and 8th Street, and we're looking for ideas for lunch. We'd like to be able to order in and of course if there is somewhere decent to go to get lunch that's fine too.

We know about Bar Tano, and we're going to check out Nine-D today (and they will deliver to us). Prime Meats will be too fancy for everyday as would Buttermilk Channel.

The only other references I got were for Caputo's and this deli at 9th Street and 4th Avenue that suprisingly we've never heard of.

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.


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  1. Slightly further afield, Defonte's lies on the other side of the BQE for gorgeous old-school italian heros.

    If you are ever willing to hoof it up a whole subway stop, Zuzu Ramen would be a nice occasional treat.

    Defonte's Sandwich Shop
    379 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Zuzu Ramen
    173 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

    1. People seem to love that italian deli Catene's? is that one you are referring to? And is that Mexican place at like 11th and 3rd that everyone likes for their soups and stews still there? Yeah, I know, that is not really helpful. I'm turning into my mother.

      1. There is a new little spot on Smith near 4th St. called Olga's. I have never tried it, but it was written up on the kosher board. Might be a nice place for lunch.


        1. Try Bella Maria for very decent pizza and heroes. Carroll St. and 3rd Ave. ;)

          1. Nothing I can think of to knock your socks off, but on Fifth Avenue, Tacos Nuevo Mexico (around 11th) is decent for Mexican, Fatoosh (9th) is ok for Middle Eastern sandwiches & salads. Some like Kinara (Indian) but I didn't think it was any better than most 6th Street places or Baluchi's. For Rice & Beans Latin food, Yomari's, on 4th near President is pretty good, if that's not too far. I've never tried the little falafel place on 9th between 4th & 5th (closer to fifth).


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              lanos coffee shop is really a little dominican restaurant at 107 3rd street. they make a killer cuban sandwich and their ice tea/lemonade is good too.

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                  Any good place to eat near the Bell House? or do they have anything worth eating there....I''m going there on Thursday for Robyn Hitchcock.....

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                    Bar Tano is a cute place not far from Bell House. I've only had wine and some small plates there, which were good. May be worth a try if you are in the vicinity.

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                      Thanks for the recommendation! We went there, and it was great. really inexpensive, but good food in a pleasant atmosphere...I had fried calamari, roasted cauliflower, and a pasta dish with capers and gorgonzola....the musicians were eating there too...so I knew I wasn't running late. Bell House is only 2 blocks over, so I highly recommend this place for anyone going to a concert there.

              2. I second the rec for Bella Maria pizza (3rd & Carroll). I'm a big fan of their eggplant and lasagna slices. Just up 3rd is the Crooked Tail Cafe and Dawg Shack, although I haven't tried either.

                Not quite lunchy, but Root Hill Cafe on 4th @ Carroll has great coffee and pastries, and a low-key and friendly vibe. The space is really pretty.

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                  Crooked Tail makes a good sandwich.

                  Dawg Shack does hot dogs.

                  Root Hill has some okay if pricey sandwiches, including a pretty great shrimp BLT.

                  Bella Maria is a wee bit pricey for the area.

                2. thanks everybody. we've tried some spots, and others we know, so in a few months we can give a better update. and it would be great if the bell house had food during the day, but so far that's a no -- even better if they had great coffee.