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Jun 3, 2009 09:48 AM

Where to Eat: Now Working in Gowanus 3rd Avenue and 8th Street


We just moved to this part of Gowanus at 3rd Avenue and 8th Street, and we're looking for ideas for lunch. We'd like to be able to order in and of course if there is somewhere decent to go to get lunch that's fine too.

We know about Bar Tano, and we're going to check out Nine-D today (and they will deliver to us). Prime Meats will be too fancy for everyday as would Buttermilk Channel.

The only other references I got were for Caputo's and this deli at 9th Street and 4th Avenue that suprisingly we've never heard of.

Any ideas/suggestions would be great.


  1. Welcome to the neighborhood! If you're looking only for ordering in, I'd recommend the following (in no particular order): Song (Thai), Peppino's (Italian), Rachel's (reasonably OK Mexican), Ten (sushi), Anthony's (Italian), Peppe's (pizza and panini, although they're a little quirky), and Watana (Thai). There's no good Chinese anywhere in the area, in my opinion. Kinara is good Indian.
    Also, Sidecar is worth a trip up the hill to 5th Avenue for after-work drinks and bar snacks.
    There always seem to be new places cropping up on 3rd more toward Carroll, so it's worth a walk in that direction to check things out.

    1. I would try some of the hard hat joints on 3rd. Mostly Dominican, they cater to the folks who work in the industrial buildings. I know there's one on the corner of 9th Street & 3rd. A few other places going up to Prospect Ave. There's certainly a slew of mixed places (other than Dominican) once you get around the high 20's going up.

      The place you're thinking about on 9th & 4th Ave is called Catene's. It's a very unassuming place which has the best roast beef in the City IMO. Yes, even better than DiFonte's, which btw is also a nice lunch spot. There's also Fairway, which has a nice patio overlooking Upper NY Bay.

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