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Jun 3, 2009 09:24 AM

Pho Vietnam in Danbury

Has anyone been to this restaurant and can provide a review? How was the food, the service, etc.? I am trying to find a restaurant in Danbury for a party of 30, and a good majority of my group is interested in this restaurant. But, I am hesitant to make reservations without having much info on the place, outside of their website.
Thanks for your help!

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  1. I'd be surprised if it could handle a party of 30, it's tiny. While I eat there, the place is a little grungy. The bathroom situation is atrocious--a single back behind a smelly storage area. I ate there the other night and there was a large discarded band-aid in the middle of the dining room floor that if I saw, I'm sure the help saw, but no one picked it up. so why do i eat there? because i love Pho and have no other options nearby and the Pho is very good. That's all i ever get (along w/excellent spring rolls) but my family has had some of their other dishes and have given them positive reviews. I'd start by calling and ask if they can handle 30. Then I would assess the group and if they are they type that want atmosphere and tidiness, go elsewhere.

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      Thanks, BlueSoup. The food sounds great, but I don't think the rest will suit my group...have you had the Thai food at Bangkok? It looks like they could be a good fit for us.

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        no Im sorry i haven't. Good luck in your search. Have you considered Bluu or the Sesame Seed?

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          Bluu could work...these people are big sushi eaters! It looks pretty "clubby" from the website, but I assume that this is mostly just on Friday and Saturday nights? This is a group of scientists (from Yale and Manhattan) who are together for a 2-day meeting in Danbury, and the dinner would be on a Tuesday night. If it's too bar-like and louder at Bluu, it may not be conducive to conversation. Thanks for your help!

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            On a weeknight at dinner hour Bluu is not clubby at all. I adore their sushi specialty rolls--heavy on the fish, light on the rice.