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Jun 3, 2009 08:57 AM


Went to Saute last night after reading LaBan's 2 bells review in the Sunday Inquirer. The waiter suggested the 4 course tasting dinner for $35 -- no choices -- you tell him what you don't want to eat and each person gets a different dinner. My husband and I decided to try it.

First course consisted of 4 scallop shells on a board (for me) with a fraction of a scallop in each shell plus a little dish of chicken liver puree with clarified butter and microgreens on top. My husband received a board of charcuterie, including venison salami, duck pastrami, chicken ballotine (?) and shrimp chorizo, with grainy mustard and tapenade. Everything was delicious and, of course, we shared everything.

Second course consisted of artichoke ravioli with exotic mushrooms and hazelnuts (for him) and duck ragout with different exotic mushrooms on mascarpone polenta (for me). Again, wonderful! This course was served on plates.

Third course was back to boards -- escolar (butterfish) with pea shoots and barley for me, and two large scallops on a bed of Israeli couscous prepared with parsley, chopped tomato and onion. Again, everything was delicious.

Dessert for him was blueberry creme brulee and for me dulce de leche & banana empanadas with chocolate sauce. While the creme brulee was excellent, the empanadas, served hot, were superb.

We thought LaBan's review was a little nit-picky and we would probably have given the restaurant another bell. We'll be back soon.

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  1. Thanks for the review. What else can you tell us about this place? I've never heard of it. Where is it? Is it BYO?

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      It is on Front Street at Catherine (roughly). It is BYO. I have eaten there once and enjoyed my meal, although I was put off by the waiter saying they served different dishes to women vs men on the tasting menu because they had different palates. I was there with 2 of my neighbors (both men, I am female) and we ordered a la carte because of the statement (and subsequent attempts to prove himself correct). It is much nicer inside than I anticipated - a very relaxing kind of romantic room - I thought it would be more neighborhoody. I will go back tho - the food was very nice

    2. Thanks for the great descriptions. Your dinner sounded wonderful.
      We went to Saute a couple of months ago. While the food was delicious, we found the ultra-slow service a problem. There were only a few other patrons in the restaurant but it took hours between courses. One person was cooking - everything to order, I'm sure - but it became tedious to wait so long.
      This was on a weekday evening, so maybe there is more help on a weekend.
      No one in our party was anxious to return because of this problem. And we were six people, so we did have plenty of conversation and wine. It wasn't enough.

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          Maybe it was an off-night or something, but yes - hours.