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best sandwiches in arlington?

earl's is awesome, love that place. williamsburg deli on sycamore is great, and obviously italian store stands out. what else am i missing?

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  1. I haven't been to Jacksons in North Arlington, but you might check it out as they claim to fresh roast all their meats. If you go let me know how it is.

    Lost Dog has good sandwiches, what about Bahn Mi at the eden center?

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      Jackson's is good; didn't blow me away, but a solid sammich place. A little pricey as I recall, though.

    2. Lynn Street Cafe in Rosslyn. They roast their own fresh roast beef and fresh roast turkey breast, everyday.

      1. Liberty Tavern has some good ones too on their homemade bread. They make their sausage there too if you like sausage sandwiches.

        1. totally forgot about lost dog...their sandwiches are sooooo freakin good, maybe even better than their pizza.

          you guys are awesome! ok now let's narrow it down — who has the best cheesesteak?

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            Does anyone in NOVA make cheesesteaks besides Mario's? I might have to really investigate that one.

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              earl's has cheesesteaks. they're not great, but not terrible. i've never had one from mario's although i walk by it all the time. have always wanted to check it out, especially after hearing cal ripken liked to go there during nova visits.

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                The Broiler has excellent cheesesteaks, although the Italian sausage sub is much tastier.

                Second Al's in Del Ray.

                I've also had pretty good luck with some of the seedier Chinese carryouts. Many use shredded ribeye and not Steak Ums, and decent sub rolls from Baltimore. I have to tell them not to cut it into four pieces, though.

                3601 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204

                Johnny's Subshop
                8256 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309

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                I really liked Al's in Del Rey on Mt Vernon Street, compares nicely w/Philly. Now if I can just convince them to change the menu to say Cheesesteak, what the heck is a Steak and Cheese?

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                  A steak and cheese normally has lettuce and mayo and is different. Ask Joe H. he wrote a big thread about this somewhere and I can't think of where. May have been on one of the regional specialty threads, very interesting if I find it I will link it, but I don't know that I will it's been a while back now and Joe posts on a lot of threads.

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                    I ref'd it recently and have already google searched for others. search on this board for Joe H and cheese and steak.

              3. The cheeseburger sub at Mario's. With everything. A guilty pleasure. The pork loin at Rockland's.

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                  Hey Steve,

                  Does the porkloin have their BBQ sauce on it? The sauce they used on the BBQ chicken really turned me off Rocklands but it is close to my house and always smells good, maybe the pork loin is the way to go next time?

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                    I think it's always a good idea to order bbq without sauce... after all, you can always add your own. (unless they cook it on, like ribs) But you never want someone else pouring on raw sauce for you. The problem is that many bbq places put on too much sauce, a problem that can never be corrected.

                    BTW, pork loin is not bbq. It is a tender cut that cooks relatively quickly. But they do a good job with that. If you don't like their sauce, they have many alternatives right at the restaurant.

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                      Yeah I know they probably wouldn't be able to bbq the pork loin which is why I was hoping it wasn't sauced, the bbq chicken was sauced to form kind of a crust on it and it just didn't appeal to me, thanks for the info, will check it out again.

                2. ok so within that what about who has the best chicken salad? anyone? i have yet to try one that impresses me.

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                    Whole Foods used to make great chicken salad sandwiches they had a couple different types, but I haven't been to a whole foods now for a really long time so they might not have it anymore? You kind of have to go to a place like that I think for good chicken salad, especially ones with stuff not just chicken and mayo or miracle whip.

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                      Don't know if it's still there (was years ago when I worked in that area), but there was a sandwich shop at L and 21st, I think, that had the best chicken salad I've eaten. Not overly mayo'd and with a zesty-spicy kick to it that didn't overwhelm the other flavors.

                    2. obviously this doesn't exactly count as a sandwich shop, but i tried the primanti-brothers-style sandwich and the reuben saturday at the liberty tavern and found them both to be absurdly good.

                      cafe wilson has a few ny-deli specialties that are great.

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                        any particular recommendations? i've walked by cafe wilson a jillion times but never thought to stop, it just didn't look like anything special really...what's good there?