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Jun 3, 2009 08:47 AM

Toronto A La Cart: Korean Food Street Vendor

I work @ Yonge and Eg area, and Yesterday noticed the street vendor. So I decieded to try it out.
Picked up one of everything offered...

'Menu' -Bulgogi $6, Bi Bim Bap (Veg) $6, Tteokbokki (spelled wrong) $4

Bulgogi $6

Bi Bim Bap (Veg) $6

Tteokbokki $4

Overall, wasn't impressed. the food wasn't that tasty, it wasn't warm, shared the meal(s) with people from work, some liked the beef (I didn't). At the cost of $6 a meal, i would suggest going to HoSu for some Cheap korean food, they do lunch take out at probably the same speed this place does, and at the same costs and it is much much tastier. I am still hopeful for this new a la cart program, I want to try the Greek food and indian food places next..

anyone try this cart or others?


for more food pics

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  1. bi bim bap in a styrofoam box from a cart just seems like an awful idea.

    1. Just gave the bibimbap a try...and the original poster is right in suggesting HoSu as a better Korean lunch take out option at that corner. The portion of bibimbap from the cart was miniscule - a little rice, small amounts of sprouts, carrot and zucchini, and a leathery piece of tofu.

      The vendors seemed to have trouble getting orders correct, as nearly everyone in line ahead of me had to clarify what they want (those ordering bulgogi getting bibimbap and vice versa - I thought at first they were asking if I wanted some bulgogi on my bibimbap), which was amusing considering there are only three items on the menu.

      1. not to be rude, but what is one expecting from a street vendor?
        especially when the Toronto Health Department has such tight restrictions?

        maybe i'm dreaming when i think the only foods that can be done properly from street vendors would be anything grilled or deep fried - so that would be samosas and, as you can see in the States, Mexican.

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        1. re: atomeyes

          BBQ Grill = Beef Ribs, tasty marinaded meat
          on the side nice crisp pickled veggies and rice...

          I think that can be executed if they used a grill, this was a cart that served pre-made food.

          I think lots of street vendors can offer great food...
          Check out this site for vendors across the US to get some examples..

          1. re: atomeyes

            As an asian, I KNOW there are great street foods available. Just not in Toronto.

            1. re: szw

              I completely agree. I think it will be another couple of years before we see anything solid. As a Korean-Canadian, I would love to see this happen sooner than later.

            2. re: atomeyes

              Well in the early spring I said I'd try all of the new carts but as the reviews are coming in, I'm losing interest in trying them.

              I wasn't expecting much and it seems I don't need to waste my money.


            3. Now that toronto has opened the doors to different street foods besides the hot dog it will take a few years before anything decent or outstanding will show up on the streets. the us and other countries have been doing it a lot longer than we have and have some incredible good eats. give it some time, if the vendor doesnt improve they will go out of buisiness quickly and maybe someone better will move in..

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              1. re: youdonut

                Not if city counsel keeps up the ridiculous regulations. If you let street carts open up tomorrow with no regulation, except the most basic health regulations, there would be some amazing street food available within the week.

              2. The original comment has been removed