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Jun 3, 2009 08:46 AM

Road Trip Planning- Dallas-Austin-SA-Corpus

I was hoping that my foodie friends on this board can help me plan some good food stops for my family road trip vacation from Dallas to Corpus next week. Some things that immediately come to mind are:

Chris Madrid's Nachos & Burger‎
1900 Blanco Rd, San Antonio, TX‎

Smitty's Market
208 S Commerce St
Lockhart, TX 78644
(512) 398-9344

Kreuz Market
619 N Colorado St
Lockhart, TX 78644
(512) 398-2361

City Market
633 E Davis St
Luling, TX 78648
(830) 875-9019

Louie Mueller Barbecue
206 W 2nd St
Taylor, TX 76574
(512) 352-6206

Gerik's Ole Czech Smokehouse and Bakery
511 West Oak St, West, TX‎ - (254) 826-3327‎

I am researching more. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. I've been to all of these except Gerik's. That could be a good choice on my next trip to Dallas...

    I enjoyed all of the barbecue joints mentioned though I would say that I liked Louie Mueller's and City Market just a smidge more than the Lockhart places. I can see that changing on any visit as they are so close in deliciousness.

    We went to Chris Madrid's as we were traveling through SA for Mother's Day. Oh, that was so much fun. Great people watching, very good burger and fries and a very vibrant crowd. I'll go again. Forgot to mention the ice cold beer...

    If you make it to Port Aransas, just outside of Corpus Christi, check out Shell's and the Venetian Hot Plate. Those are two of my favorites as well as a place called Virginia's (I think) for burgers. For ice cold beer, check out Lovett's in Port A. It's a local joint and always fun for us.

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    1. re: Rene

      I am trying to find a nice beach near Corpus. I've heard some good things about Rockport Beach. Have you ever been there?

      Any idea what the best mexican spots in SA are?

      1. re: snatex

        Rockport and Fulton are nice places - my husband's family is from there so we go there to visit but we always spend our free time in Port A.

        Please let me know what you find in Rockport if that is where you decide to spend your time.

        Actually, I would like to hear what other hounds have to offer, as well.

    2. Van's BBQ, Oakville, Texas...located beteen San Antonio and Corpus on Interstate 37, Exit 65. This place is good, they have great breakfast tacos in the morning, good bbq for lunch and dinner, and homemade sweet tea that is very tasty. Here is a website with details: http://talesfromtheroad.southernlivin...

      La Playa Mexican Restaurant & Cantina, 5017 Saratoga, Suite 131, in Regal Plaza, Corpus Christi, Texas...Try the Fajitas Tarascas, they are smothered in grilled onions, mushrooms, cheese, and a cilantro cream sauce...very delicious

      Joe Cotten's BBQ(361) 767-9973 ,607 Us-77, Robstown, TX 78380, This is a famous BBQ restaurant just outside of Corpus, my family eats there at least once a month. Alot of people love the bbq here. I personally do not go crazy over their bbq, it is a bit better than average, not the best...I do however like the spreadable cheese and crackers they give you as a snack before the meals.

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      1. re: Texans361

        Don't forget the deep fried stuffed avocado at La Playa. Very good.

        Hacienda De Los Barrios in SA is a nice stop, eat on the patio in the shade of the large live oaks. Playground for the kiddos. 18747 Redland Rd San Antonio, TX 78259 - (210) 497-8000

        Guajillos is also good in SA 1001 NW Loop 410 San Antonio, TX 78213 - (210) 344-4119

        Another favorite in SA is Green. It is a vegetarian restaraunt that is very good. Our favorite meal when my mom was here a few weeks ago. 1017 N. Flores
        San Antonio, TX 78212
        (210) 320-5865

        1. re: Texans361

          Unfortunately, Joe Cotten's recently burned & is temporarily out of business.

          We must have eaten at different Van's BBQ in Oakville, is the worst BBQ I ever tasted. We eat there about once every 5 years because we are starving between CC & SA. Then we remember why we never eat there. It is awful. I have never tried the burgers. Breakfast is doable, but BBQ is awful.

          I like all the La Playas in CC. Good recomendation. The fish with that sauce is also good.

          La Playa Restaurant
          3201 W Poplar St, San Antonio, TX 78228

        2. If you are going through Luling and are going to by-pass San Antoino then stop in Cuero. I lived there about 2 years ago.

          * Don Bravo's is local favorite. Nachos are great and and half order is more than one dinners worth.

          * I really liked Rosie's, both are tex-mex. Rosie's is more Mex and its a cleaner place.

          * Longhorn is home style, nothing fancy but you can expect a good meal.

          * Main Street Cafe is a coffee bar and light fare (sandwiches and salads).

          * Barbecue Station, very good. I really liked the stuffed potatoes but everything was excellent.

          * And one more, if you end up in Victoria look up Brothers BBQ. Now this one I miss.

          1. 517aCafe
            Corpus Christi,TX

            Great poblano soup and bread pudding..

            1. Lockhart without Black's is like a day without sunshine. I am not a fan of Kreuz, so I would swap that one for Black's.

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                Me, too. I've found Black's brisket to be the most consistently good. Their sausage is also wonderful. I always go to Smitty's and Black's.

                As I've said elsewhere on the board, the last few times I've been to Kreuz, the brisket has been awful.