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Need to find Popcorn Bags

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Fellow CHers, help a birthday boy out!

We need to find the classic red and white popcorn bags that you would get at a popcorn stand for our son's birthday party. It's for a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds, so we are looking for the small "Sample" size. We looked at party packagers without success and my wife has been looking online with no real leads either. We live in Scarborough, so East end recommendations would be appreciated.

Thanks kindly.

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    1. I bought some a while ago at the Dollarama in Richmond Hill, located on Major Mackenzie just west of Bayview. They were red and white, but were more like boxes that stand on their own. Really cute for a birthday party. Cost was 8 for $1.

      1. Dollarama. I bought a whole case once at Costco(still have the case! so much for my enthusiasim!)

          1. I'd first just go to a local theater and ask the manager if I could buy as many as I needed (not that many, I'd think) from them.

            1. I saw these at Home Outfitters.

              1. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We found some at party packagers (although didn't see them last time through, go figure). Had tried costco a week or so ago, no dice, same as home outfitters. Guess it is a really hit and miss item for staying stocked. I know I was at another party supply store and they said that while they carry them, they were waiting on a new order. They said they are one of only a few places that carries them in the city, so their stock always goes pretty fast.